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Anshul Sharma
Parampara Patil Hashmi
I met a stranger on a train, who did something so naturally kind without expecting anything in return.Yes, it was just a cup of coffee!But did he really need to buy me my coffee?Did he ask or look back with expectations?He was absolutely normal about it.Oh yes! Such people exist.A Cup of Coffee Changed My LifeA stranger made me smile by buying me a cup of coffee without expecting anything. I don’t know why he did it! Kindness? Yes.But the greater takeaway was that with this act of his, I realised the power of selflessness.We often do something for someone in return of something. It could be money, favour, rewards, satisfaction, love, anything.But to overlook all of that and do something because it can make them happy is far superior thought.It’s on my bucket list to pass on that cup of coffee, that broad smile, that deed of selflessness to someone else too!The world is a much better place with that spirit and a cup of coffee was enough to make me realise that!Have you experienced such selfless before? If not, be the one to initiate it.Do share your story in the comments below.This blog was first published on my blog, Awara Diaries.