Top 5 Tourist Spots in Lucknow

5th Jan 2015
Photo of Top 5 Tourist Spots in Lucknow 1/5 by Nancy Nance
Rumi Darwaza
Photo of Top 5 Tourist Spots in Lucknow 2/5 by Nancy Nance
Bara Imambara
Photo of Top 5 Tourist Spots in Lucknow 3/5 by Nancy Nance
St. Joseph's Cathedral
Photo of Top 5 Tourist Spots in Lucknow 4/5 by Nancy Nance
British Residency
Photo of Top 5 Tourist Spots in Lucknow 5/5 by Nancy Nance

Image Sources: Bara Imambara | Rumi Darwaza | Hazratganj | British Residency | St. Joseph's Cathedral

The Bara Imambara is among the grandest buildings of Lucknow. It is an Imambara complex. Also known as Asafi Imambara, it was built in 1784 by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula. Its central hall is said to be the largest vaulted chamber in the world. It is an architectural marvel and a must visit place for tourists. It is also known as Bhool Bhulaiya (Labyrinth) because the hundreds of stairway passages can make you lose your mind, as some end at dead points and some at exit. It's not easy to find your way once you are lost here. These passages were made to confuse the enemy intruder.

It's a 60 feet high gate constructed under Asaf-ud-Daula in 1786. It is one of the architectural wonders of that era.

Situated in the heart of the city, Hazratganj is a shopping area and has many restaurants, theatres and shopping complex.

It used to be a complex of buildings for British residents during 1700-1800. The place is a mesmerizing place of history. Many events took place here during the fight for Independence in 1857. The museum depicts the history of treatment of Indians by Britishers during those events.

It's one of the best cathedrals you'll see in India. The architecture is beautiful and a lot different from other cathedrals. The atmosphere inside is peaceful and awe inspiring.

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