A "Dil Chahta Hai" in Pune

20th May 2017
Photo of A "Dil Chahta Hai" in Pune by liveharshitly

A 16hr detour to Pune

Original Plan

Restaurant-> Dinner->Talk Work -> Eat-> Beer-> Talk life-> Sleep Late-> Wake up late-> Breakfast/ Lunch -> Leave for Mumbai.

A Detour Plan

Book a Zoom Car for 200 miles

An easy way to travel and quench your thrist for exploring in and around a city. Taking a zoomcar had been in my check list and what better way to tick this off than in Pune itself.

Starters at Rasta Cafe

Day 1

Amazing place to hangout. A total de-stress zone with exquisite varieties of food, hookahs and thirst quenchers. We gorged into Paw Bhaji Fondue and Paneer Tikka Nanza. A healthy water melon mohito accompanied us throughout our journey of Rasta Cafe. The ambiance was perfect.

Night Drive to Lonavala

Less traffic, smooth highway and loud music set our mood for the journey. I was amazed to see so many tourists thronging the highway at night even on weekdays.

Photo of Mumbai - Pune Expressway, Sector 4B, Asudgaon, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by liveharshitly

Stop Over @ Sheetal Da Dhaba

My friends suggested that we should stop by Sheetal Da Dhaba for dinner. This dhaba was no less than a five star restaurant with multi seating arrangements, sliding tables, loud music, projectors and plush washrooms. The concept was dhaba has been revolutionized at this place. We were the last ones to leave the place and the clock struck 1 am.

Photo of SHEETAL DA DHABA, Old Mumbai - Pune Highway, Maval, Lonavala, Maharashtra, India by liveharshitly

We entered in a hotel at Lonavala and planned for an early check out in the morning.

Drive to Lions point

Day 2

Keeping some check points in mind we started for Lions point. After many detours and u-turns (not many in highways) we finally arrived at the so called Lions point. Well this place is famous for night-sky viewing and for sunset viewing. We took some Dil chahta Hai snapshots and enjoyed our stay at this point. Since it was summer time the Bhushi Dam was dry but not too dry to click some photos.

Photo of Lion’s point, Lonavala, Maharashtra, India by liveharshitly

Karla Caves

We next headed for the ancient Carla Caves which date back to 160 BC. This also houses a Buddist Monastary dating back to second century BC. Some carvings at the entrance are a treat for the eyes. The caves are mounted on a hill and you have to trek through the stairs to the sanctum.

Photo of Karla Caves (Ancient Buddhist Heritage), Pune, Maharashtra, India by liveharshitly
Photo of Karla Caves (Ancient Buddhist Heritage), Pune, Maharashtra, India by liveharshitly

Back to Pune

We started back for 50 km journey back to Pune. Once entering the city, we had Sabu Dana Vada from Chinchwada and took off for Mumbai. The entire 250 km ride was short but sweet. I am already planning to visit this part again in the rainy season when the area is in full bloom.

Photo of A "Dil Chahta Hai" in Pune by liveharshitly

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