Mahableshwar - A beauty of nature


Sitting at a friends house in Mumbai,we were up all night thinking what should be our next trip. We googled all the near by places,asked friends and family and most of them came up Lonavala as it's the nearest point. But we were not satisfied with Lonavala as it was another popular place that will be too crowded. 

Next day, we were still wondering when we decided to go to mahableshwar. And after that we never had any second thoughts. We just packed our bags, booked our bus tickets, booked our hotel and just left for the bus station. 

Travelling in a bus or train is the best way to travel. As there is no train to mahableshwar , we took a bus that was still a good choice as you can witness the breathtaking view of the Mother Nature.

The hills, the greenery and natural wind blowing gives you the chills and adrenaline rush and makes you wish for more. Well this was just the starting of my trip.

 Mahableshwar is probably amongst the best places to visit in India. As it was off season in July we were lucky enough to visit each point I peace otherwise such places are always in rush. 

We hired a taxi as it's the best way to commute in mahableshwar. Our driver Guddu was a fun loving guy who made our trip much more enjoyable. 

There are lot of places to visit in mahableshwar but we planned out itinerary in a such a way where we could visit best places because we only had 1 day there. 

I always believe your journey is more interesting than your destination. The route to our destination was breathtaking. The view,waterfalls, walking on the clouds were as perfect as a picture. 

Places to Visit in Mahableshwar:

-Pratapgarh Fort

 Being the highest point in mahableshwar this place had the most amazing view to offer. We were walking on the clouds literally. The speed at which the wind was blowing was just mind blowing. This place has a historical touch to it as well because this fort belonged to Shivaji Maharaja. At the highest point of this fort there is flag waving with shivaji logo on it. That point just makes you if you could fly. We were aww struck. 

While coming down,there is a market which offers traditional maharashtrian food , so we couldn't miss the chance to try out and the food was smelling so good and tempting. We ordered misal Pav, Puran poli, bhakarwadi and bhaji. 

- Plateau Point

This is my favourite place. We had to travel for almost 1-2kms to reach this place. The journey gives the feel of Amazon forest. Hardly any view of the sun,the place covered with trees,different insects that I could ever imagine. This place has it all. 

Once we reached plateau point , it was a like cherry on the top. Breathtaking view,speed of the wind - 20-30km/hr. And I can be sure about that because we couldn't control our bodies when the wind was blowing. 

- Table land

This place gives you the view of all the plateaus and it is located in panchgani( 10-15 kms from mahableshwar)

We preferred walking instead of horse riding and believe me walking is much better than horse riding.Tiger cave is one of the highlights of this place. Anyone and everyone would love this.

Now I will come to the point where I was taken into another world all together. All of us have seen interstellar. The scene where they land their spaceship in an ocean and water level is just as high as their knees. I was lucky enough to relive that moment in real life when I saw a lake or my be a pond on the top of table land. I don't have words to describe that place.

We visited some other Places as well but then these 3 places are worth your time  

Mahableshwar is definitely amongst the most memorable trips and it's a true beauty of nature.

Photo of Plateau Point by Sachin Bobal
Photo of Plateau Point by Sachin Bobal
Photo of Plateau Point by Sachin Bobal
Photo of Plateau Point by Sachin Bobal
Photo of Plateau Point by Sachin Bobal
Photo of Plateau Point by Sachin Bobal
Photo of Plateau Point by Sachin Bobal