Sadhna- Chulha Varchi Missal Pav- Nashik


Sadhna- Chulha Varchi Missal Pav- Nashik

Maharashtra is one of the State in India which is famous for its Cuisine. Every part of Maharashtra state is having a unique and delicious cuisine. Be it Mumbai'sea Vada Pav, or Nagpur's Saaoji food, Or some tradition sweets which you won't find anywhere except maharashtra. Maharashtra is so rich in its cuisine. Spices of Kolhapur are quiet famous.

I am going to take you through a Morning Breakfast dish which is very famous in Maharashtra. Its called "Missal Pav". though you will find a unique speciality of Missal Pav in various part of Maharashtra but there is place where you will feel its richness. The place is "Nashik". the holy city in Maharashtra. Approximately 165 Km from mumbai by road. It is the place where people come for the world Famous Nashik Kumbh Mela which is one out of four world famous kumbh mela's.

Well lets not deviate from the food topic and let's talk about the Missal Pav.

For Official travelling when i visit to Nashik, i always use to have breakfast at Nashik's Famous "Sadhna - Chulha Varchi Missal Pav"

Along with the Missal pav there is one more speciality of this place. it's Ambiance and the space they have.

Its kind of a hug big farm house and 1/3 of the farm house is been aquired by the restaurent and the rest space is having the swings for kids, a Machaan(A tree house), Place for Birds, Horse cart, Camel to havea camel ride for kids, this place is having many birds species including emo, Parrots, Hens, also having many tostoise, rabbit etc. the place is full of livelyness with lot of traditional entertainment for kids and peoples.

As soon as you enter in the sitting area, you will start enjyoing the ambiance. The sitting arrangement is on traditional wooden cot and on wooden benches. it gives a authentic village experience. The Staff who serves their are really cooperative and humble. they will make you sit as per your group size. After the seat taken you will be given a Menu which has very few and selective items and every item here is speciality of this amazing food joint. The best part is the economical prices of the Items in this joint. they serves only Missal pav and some side options which are mentioned in the Menu. No other food item is being served in this joint that makes it so special place for all age group.

The service is very quick after taking the order you will get you mouthwatering Missal Pav in just 5-10 mins.With Missal you will get some other items which ihave never seen in most of Missal Pav Stalls. the first thing you will see the papad, th Patatos, the curd chutney which is so nice and the missal Pav.

The Kitchen is so neet and clean and you can go there and and talk with the chef and the people who serves the food. You can take a stroll and check how neatly they work and the hygine they maintain.

the quality of the food is really good and so hygeneic. you will get two seperate mugs in which you will get the curry of the missal. One is less spicy and the other one is super spicy. if you like the spicy food then put some extra spicy curry in your missal and i am sure you will enjoy that, those who doesnt like spicy food, i would recommand dont even think of touching the spicy Missal mug. The Salty Namkeen or you can say Farsan which you would be putting in Missal will make it more tastier. Have papad with every bite of the Missal.

After this you can try the Solkadhi which is speciality of Maharashtra and it is good for digestion. It is made of Coconut Milk and Kokum. It is basically very popular in Goa and Konkan Area but in maharashtra you will find it at many places.

If you want to have some Juices or mocktails, they have one spicific counter for that also.

After having all this, its time to have the desserts and they have the best Jalebi i have ever had. This is made of Jaggery and it taste so Really tastes so good. It is made in butter oil.

After having lal this stuff imagine how much we paid for this wonderful breakfast for two. It was just 300 Rs only.

So folks if you are travelling to nashik and reaching in morning, dont

forget to have your breakfast at this place. You will simply love it i am sure.

After the Breakdfast we thought of taking a stroll of the venue. the owner of the pllace seems nature and animal lover also. he has kept so many animals at his place and birds. at this place kids can please in the play ground, some slides are there for kids, Many places where students or young crwod were taking the selfies and enjoying the place.

A must visit place to enjoy the breakfast and the place.

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Happy travelling.

Check some pictures of the place.