Trek to Untouched world : Peth Fort

7th Sep 2014
Photo of Trek to Untouched world : Peth Fort 1/2 by Gaurangi Joshi
road after Peth village is crossed
Photo of Trek to Untouched world : Peth Fort 2/2 by Gaurangi Joshi
Peth Killa

FINALLY!!! when you get jumbled in the concrete world. And the four walls, same people and same places becomes a torture for you! WHEN it comes to the brim -a Traveller can never resist himself to explore! 

Recently I visited to a less developed city Karjat, It is in outskirts of Mumbai. If you are freaked off and intervened in the shitty jamm pack files and hectic deadlines, in it you need a relief and breath the pure air! It is the right place! 

For reaching Karjat, Peth you need to take train from central railway route, from C.S.T to Karjat. It may cost around 30 bucks. the travel should be begun at early hours as we should not miss the bliss of nature at soothing dawn! at the very beginning from station take left from the tar road... Here your trek begins as you tar road shows you direction towards the -Village Peth. As the dawn breaks by the misty morning and cherish its' sunshine to every part you can witness from the plateau the beautiful sunrise, which you missed in the chaos! finally when you reach Peth village you can have ethnic and traditional Marathi breakfast of kanda poha or else our office dabba is always dear to us, isn't it? 

As soon as you reach the village you can see the glimpses of the Peth Killa (Fort) also known as Kothaligad- as you cross the village, then the adventurous and exciting part of the trek begins! just tight up your laces and make ready your cameras! and be prepared for breath taking scenes. The cows buffaloes and handful of shepherds with the flock becomes faint as you go higher and higher! the road becomes stony and dusty. The best part is when the clouds pour in few dews at alternate hours. flabbergasted you will soon forget the chaos of cities and dissolve in this beauty. The path gets steeper and your heart would race when you reveal that "OH MY GOD!!, I have came so far!!!" so take few deep breaths. Don't cease your steps! move on and finally you will reach a conical cave and your brain wont stop wondering, how marathas climbed up along with the horses?!  

And when you reach the top you get disconnected with the world, Its just you! from its pinnacle you can have a view of Peth village, you can have a view of Bhimashankar ranges, to the north of its you can view Padar Killa. As you are fully satisfied with pleasure of being in the nature. You can leave the place from the same route with heavy steps.

As you return, you would cross- the same village, the same flocks and handful of people. As you look back the fort seems to be sad at your departure and clouds may cry in the evening. Again the tar road station and the train, where you manage and conquer a seat to lie a back and tired body may sleep but memories cherished with the Peth may remain unforgettable.