Weekend Trip to Mahabaleshwar

12th Mar 2021
Photo of Weekend Trip to Mahabaleshwar by Harsh Sangani
Day 1

We started from Pune at around 3:00 AM and reached Mahabaleshwar at 5:40 AM, not taking our own vehicle was the biggest mistake of the trip as the local taxi is very costly ( Rs 100 as base fare ).
We managed to get an amazing Sunrise View From

This was the best view one could start his/her day with. After that tiring journey we headed towards our stay which was in
Cost - N/A
WALK - 3 Mins

View from Hotel was the best. And also the service from the staff was Premium. It was 4900/- for two Nights. We took rest till 2 P.M. and went to lunch at

Photo of Mango Hotels – Valley View, Mahabaleshwar by Harsh Sangani

After lunch we directly went to
Cost - 500 for 2

Photo of Hotel Poonam & Restaurant Pure Veg. by Harsh Sangani

There were hundreds of shops and thousands of variety in every product. Some of them were cheap some were very costly. There was a pure leather shop. It was the best. After spending around 2 hrs in market we took our way to nearest waterfall
Cost - Depends on you.
Walk - 2-3 Kms.

This was the last stop for the day.
Cost - N/A
Hike - 15 Mins

Day 2

Early morning we took a sunrise feels from big Hotel window. We booked a taxi for sightseeing and it cost us around 1400/- for the day where only specific points were covered. ( It would have just 200 if our own vehicle was there )
We left our hotel for sightseeing at 10:00 AM and our first point was

Photo of Mango Hotels – Valley View, Mahabaleshwar by Harsh Sangani

Here we covered
King's Chair and Pluto Point.
It was very difficult to say that some of the stones looked like chair but yes people say so it is. Our next stop was
Cost - 0
Hike- 10 Mins

Photo of King's Chair by Harsh Sangani

The main waterfall was closed due to Covid. But small one was also good. We drank soda while climbing ( it was much needed and it was amazing ). Next we went to
Cost - Rs 40 + 60 ( 2 Glass of Soda )
Walk - 5 Mins

Where we had some chinese and completed our lunch. Remember if you are taking taxi, they will take you there only for there commission, ask for bagicha for lunch it good and reasonable.  Next was
Cost - 500/- For 2

Boating here is very costly if you are a couple, as they charge 600 for 30 mins and 200 extra.
Its not worth, as march to july will be very hot for boating. Next we went to most awaited

Photo of Venna Lake by Harsh Sangani

Its the most beautiful point and we can see a full elephant head in the mountain's Edge. Here there are : Echo Point, Kates point, Needle point, and Elephant Point. Here in Mahabaleshwar they make fool very easily they say" will take you to 4 point in just 400 rs" however all are at same place. And yes  echo was not at all audible. Dont keep much hopes. Next we went to
Cost - 0
Walk - 3 mins

Photo of Elephant Point by Harsh Sangani

We felt that we will fly away, as here it is said that if you throw something it will come back ans Air Pressure from Below is very high.
Mr. Arthur wanted try if he can also come back, but unfortunately he didn't and he died there. So its named after Mr. Arthur. Also he was the writer who used to site at that point and write. So, also known as Arthur's Seat.
Monkeys are very dangerous here.
After this we directly moved towards

Cost - N/A
WALK - 8-10 Mins

Also known as Lover's point. It was so beautiful, we made reels and played games kn the top. Sunset usually happens at 6:30 PM. We had around 30 mins to spend. Dont take any food down, Monkeys dont need invitations there. This was the last point, we went to

Cost - N/A
WALK - 5 Mins

Took dinner at the Hotel and Slept, it was very tiring and Hectic day. Dont plan to leave after sightseeing. Its very tiring.

Day 3

We left in the morning at 9:15 from Mahabaleshwar Bus Stop to Satara where we had train to Pune.
Cost :
Bus to satara 100 Per Person
Satara To Pune - Rs 565 ( 3A ) Per Person

Photo of Weekend Trip to Mahabaleshwar by Harsh Sangani
Photo of Weekend Trip to Mahabaleshwar by Harsh Sangani

It was a Wonderful Trip.
Cost of the trip was around Rs 6500/-Per Person.