Things To Do In Mount Kinabalu

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Mount Kinabalu, is one of the most popular tourist destinations for mountain climbing in South East Asia. It also has the honor to become the first world heritage site of Malaysia, at the Mount Kinabalu National Park. Just like me, every year thousands of tourists visit this place with the sole purpose to climb the Mount Kinabalu and have a look at some of the best things to do in mount Kinabalu.

Here are some things to do in Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu National Park

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Kinabalu Park is Malaysia’s first World Heritage Site as well as the Center for Plant Diversity in South East Asia, the Park brags more than 5,000 vascular plant species and the Park has no deficiency of fauna, which makes the most suitable for plantation and supports so many plant species and has a look at some of the best things to do in mount Kinabalu.

The Mount Kinabalu National Park is home to the range of 90 well-evolved lowland Mammal species and numerous others.

Some of the popular plants that are part of this park are:

The notorious Nepenthes rajah; the world’s biggest pitcher plant,

Nepenthes x tsukubaensis; a characteristic cross-mixture between Nepenthes lowii and Nepenthes Burbidge and

The cryptic Paphiopedilum Rothschild Ian um (Rothschild shoe orchid) which has the honor of being the rarest orchid on the planet.

The primary fascination at the Park is none other than the superb Mount Kinabalu, one of the most noteworthy mountains in South East Asia remaining at 4095.2 meters. Aside from conventional mountain climbing, people can likewise encounter the Mountain Torq, the world’s most astounding and Asia’s first Via Ferrata or ‘Press Street’ also called ‘Iron Road’ at 3,200m – 3,800m above ocean level.

For the individuals, who are more audacious, there are other mountain exercises, for example, Alpine Rock Climbing, Paragliding and more mountain campaigns.

Mount Kinabalu Trek

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I always wanted to climb a mountain, but the sheer height of mountains scared me every time I make a plan for the mount climbing. This time, I decided to start with the world famous Mount Kinabalu Trek to complete my long lost wish of mountain climbing.

Mount Kinabalu is one of the easiest mountains to climb and usually take two days to ascend and descend. For mountain climbing, most people need some sort of training or prior experience, but with Mount Kinabalu, you don’t need such experience or prior training. Like me, you can fulfill your wish to climb the mountain without any prior experience or formal training.

Mount Kinabalu Tour

To climb the Mount Kinabalu, you have to make the reservation for Hiking Mount Kinabalu in advance, because of the scheduling and the number of people which goes higher every year.

Travel Tip – You can plan a week trip to climb the Mount Kinabalu, and visit the Kinabalu national park as the climbing the mountain is tiring activity, and you need rest for a day before you head home.

Mount Kinabalu is nature’s abode on the earth where you can do some adventure activities and take a look around the world heritage park.