Off to the offbeat places of Meghalaya

8th Apr 2017
Photo of Off to the offbeat places of Meghalaya by Sangita Boro
Day 1

As we started off from Guwahati at 11:00 am to our destination Shillong the notion we all had was that Shillong must be having a very cold weather at present as it rained cats and dogs in Guwahati the previous night. So to combat the cold I had my bag packed with all warm clothes. After a travel of around 3 hours we reached Shillong. To our utter surprise Shillong was not that shivering cold. The sun and the cool breeze altogether made a pleasant climate. Since sightseeing in Shillong closes by 3:30 so we decided to travel further towards upper Shillong to reach Mawlynnong, Asia's cleanest village. It would take 2 and half hours more to reach there. So we had our lunch and booked a cab for Rs 1500 from Police bazar. At 4:00 pm we left for Mawlynnong. Though it was dusk the climate still was moderate. We did not encounter that cold to put on our sweater untill suddenly we approached the heap of clouds floating over the curvy roads and the steep hills. The wind which howled there added more to that chill. To drive in such a condition requires expertise. Nothing was visible except those fog lights. The drivers drove along the white lines which were the partition for the roads on the two sides helping the drivers to be along their own path. After few kilometers as we went downwards from the high altitude the clouds disappeared and the climate changed again. We could see the fields across the road and as we almost approached we saw jungle all over. After travelling few more kilometers we finally reached the village, Mawlynnong at 7 pm. It was dark already. Our cab driver was kind enough to help us in finding a cottage to stay. It was a homestay. A small room for four of us costing Rs 1800. The bamboo cottage was cozy. In this world of electronics and technology, this is a completely different world. No phone networks. That is the best of all. The phone besides having the advantage of bringing the far ones closer it has taken the nearer ones far. We are busy with mobile gaming and chatting not bothered about the company around us. But this place doesn't allow that. We can enjoy the company of our closest one in the lap of nature without any intrusion from the techy world. We freshened up and went out for a walk. The village was so cool and serene. Beautiful flowers in the garden and everything was so clean. There were dustbins kept at every places and the villagers themselves have taken the pain of preparing those dustbins out of bamboo. Since it was already late for the day so we returned back to our room and satisfied our gluttony and were off to sleep so that we could start afresh the next day.

Asia's cleanest village

Photo of Mawlynnong, Meghalaya, India by Sangita Boro
Day 2

The next morning was a late wake up and we for a short walk we explored a nearby spring. The water there was cool enough to awake us up. After a short explore we freshened up and had breakfast and set up ourselves to explore the village. We set out out on foot. Our first target was the view point to witness the borders of Bangladesh. A walk of 1 km and we reached a bamboo staircase. Very steep and slippery, where shoes with the best grip help the most. After a slow climb we finally reached the point from where we could witness the paddy fields of Bangladesh. The travel downwards was a bit difficult as the steps were slippery. The next point was the Living Root Bridge. A walk of about 3 kms with the experience of both the rain and sun we finally reached the root bridge. A downwards travel of  about 130 stairs, these root brige has been formed out of rubber plants. These plants present on either side had been trained long back by the khasi priests and hence the root bridge was formed.