5 cafés in Mcleodganj you just can't miss


Peace café

Right next to our hotel was this small eatery where you would see a small kid sitting outside playing with his mother and as you pass you could smell the incredible food cooking inside. Peace café truly lives up-to its Tibetan origin offering you the best Thupka you can ever have with the humongous pan-cake which is a meal in itself. This place totally tops my list of the best café in Mcleodganj. If you are a food lover and likes to try new and authentic cuisines you should totally come here. My recommendations being the Thupka, Chocolate banana pancake, steamed Momos and the Tibetan bread. Though the café serves only vegetarian food but it is so yummy that it will definitely leave a long-lasting impression on your taste-buds.

Photo of 5 cafés in Mcleodganj you just can't miss 1/6 by Varnika
Photo of 5 cafés in Mcleodganj you just can't miss 2/6 by Varnika

Jimmy's Italian café

If you are an Italian food lover then this is it for you. An old school café playing the classics of 80's and 90's music with décor having the best movie posters of all times. It is a great place to start your trip and then explore the rest of Mcleodganj. In the midst of the main market on the first floor this café will give you an earthy and cool vibe to sit around and chat with your friends over a nice pizza and some coolers. My recommendations would be the Chicken Peri-Peri Pizza, Bolognese Pasta and the baked potatoes.

Photo of 5 cafés in Mcleodganj you just can't miss 3/6 by Varnika

Morgans Café

If you have hiked through the day and you are looking for ending it with some chilled beer along with the beautiful view of the valley then this is the place to be. Its open terrace seating gives the eyes a panoramic view of the valley and if you reach just-in-time of the sunset your experience is exemplified with the plethora of colours in the sky. I spent my entire evening here chit-chatting, drinking beer, eating good food and making money by playing cards with the owner (Morgan). Well the highlight of our evening was the St Bernard (Bhaiji) who walked inside the café like boss and his persona was just too mesmerizing. My recommendations would be to have the lamb Cannoli, veg bruschetta and the beer. The best part about the place was that in the end you become so comfortable in your own zone that you don't feel like leaving. The staff of the place is also very friendly and will help you choose the best dishes on the menu and if you get chance please meet Morgan, his dad and Bhaiji.

Photo of 5 cafés in Mcleodganj you just can't miss 4/6 by Varnika

Big momma Café

It took us a great deal to find this place and the experience of looking around was totally worth it as it gave us the opportunity to explore the entire Dharamkot Village. This place is a small corner joint in Dharamkhot and the reason you should come and chill here is to meet the 'Big Momma' running this café with her daughter, she is the liveliest women you would meet. She talks about anything with you and dances to the latest Bollywood numbers with utter coolness. This corner is the best to enjoy a nice cup of chai with Maggi when the duskiness is growing on you and the only thing in your mind to have enjoy your thoughts.

Photo of 5 cafés in Mcleodganj you just can't miss 5/6 by Varnika

Moonpeak espresso

Your trip is not complete if you haven't had breakfast here, it offers the best omelettes and sandwiches in town. My friends and I were just roaming around to find a good place to have breakfast and most of the places that were in our mind were either closed for the day or were still preparing to open. So after some hunting I came across this place and just entered without thinking for the reason I could smell some eggs cooking. Alas, I nailed it with the yummiest and scrumptious omelette that came on the table, it did not even last for 5 minutes amongst the four of us and then we ordered another one along with a chicken sandwich. The place is the main market if you walk towards the jewellery stalls that are there.

Photo of 5 cafés in Mcleodganj you just can't miss 6/6 by Varnika

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