Cruising the land of Clouds - Meghalaya

1st Jan 2014
Photo of Cruising the land of Clouds - Meghalaya 1/7 by ambika maggu
Photo of Cruising the land of Clouds - Meghalaya 2/7 by ambika maggu
bada paani
Photo of Cruising the land of Clouds - Meghalaya 3/7 by ambika maggu
Mawsmai Cave, Cherrapunji
Photo of Cruising the land of Clouds - Meghalaya 4/7 by ambika maggu
Photo of Cruising the land of Clouds - Meghalaya 5/7 by ambika maggu
Nohkalikai Falls
Photo of Cruising the land of Clouds - Meghalaya 6/7 by ambika maggu
Ri Kynjai
Photo of Cruising the land of Clouds - Meghalaya 7/7 by ambika maggu
Root Bridge

It’s been quite some time since I wrote my first blog and I was thinking what should be my next topic. Ideas were floating around me but I was confused. This time I wanted to write about something I really enjoy and all I could think of was ‘TRAVELLING’.

Well, being an Army kid I have had the opportunity to travel the most beautiful and amazing places in India from North to East to West to South to the deserts of Rajasthan, ghats of Maharashtra, plains of Punjab and the most breathtaking places in the North East. When we talk of scenic beauty, believe you me India is the land to see. During my dad’s tenure in Meghalaya, the land of clouds, WOW is the word for the place. After seeing the place I had only one thing in my mind, why foreign lands when we have all the lovely, attractive things in this country.

Apart from the beauty, North East is filled up with all sorts of talent like dance, music, singing, fashion. You name it and people have it.

Shillong is popularly known as the Scotland of East.  Although the city is dirty and crowded yet you have ample of things to do here. Try the Don Bosco Museum. People I am telling you it’s a place that one must visit. 7 floors of pure magic simply depict the amazing beauty of the 7 sisters & one brother of North East along also tells about the tribal present in the region. Also not to forget the technology they have used for creating the museum is outstanding. Apart from the museum there is Shillong Peak, Scared forest, Elephant falls and many more places that one can visit. One more thing, do not forget to see the living root bridge near Dawki. One can visit the Umiam Lake and Rikynjai Resort if travelling from 
Guwahati to Shillong. 

Now for the scenic beauty lovers, for you and for me as well :) Cherrapunji is the place to be. The drive from Shillong is just astonishing and with the rains it becomes magical. The first time I went to the wettest place, we drove off to Cherra Resort. I must say the roads were terrible but the drive was spectacular. It was drizzling, we were covered with clouds and there were mountains on one end and Bangladeshi plains on the other. I was in a fairy land butyes the bumpy ride reminded me that girl this is all for real.

The second trip was even better; anywhere you stand, you’ll find clouds below you, just an incredible sight. Nohkalikai falls were awesome but had a very sad legend that was associated with it, and not surprisingly, the place boasts of one of the highest waterfalls in India. The locals told us that during rains the waterfall grows by almost 20 folds. Then we went to the caves nearby. I am forgetting the name of the place but had fun there also. Later on we had lunch under a gazebo with rain and yes how can I forget the mountains and the rainbow just like it is in the animated movies. Once the rain stopped, we could see many waterfalls from the mountains. Oh I still have a picture of that place in my mind.

All in all Cherrapunji is a place to visit. The nature not only makes you happy but also calm and satisfied from inside. I would suggest you must visit the place and surrender yourself to the nature’s beauty.