Day trip to Laitlum

17th Oct 2014
Photo of Day trip to Laitlum 1/4 by Phiba
Laitlum valley view
Photo of Day trip to Laitlum 2/4 by Phiba
Photo of Day trip to Laitlum 3/4 by Phiba
Photo of Day trip to Laitlum 4/4 by Phiba

Being a native of the state of Meghalaya, I never got a chance to actually explore my own state. This time I took the opportunity to explore some of the most interesting and breathtaking places of Meghalaya and the 1st in the list was the Laitlum Valley. It was a day trip so I didn't get much time to explore the place, but what I had experience will linger on my memories forever. The fresh chilly breeze that surrounds the valley rejuvenates and lightens your mood, the small hills around the place and the altitude at which the viewpoint is situated will mesmerize you.

To reach this fascinating destination it would take it only a few hours from the main city of Shillong. Just a few kilometers away from the village of Smit;famous for being a traditional village of Khasi Culture. There are many small stall within the village market where you can enjoy the khasi delicacies Jadoh, Dohjem, dohkhleh and many more varieties.