Why and when Cherrapunjee

24th Dec 2016
Day 1

We were in Cherrapunjee recently. I was shocked to see how dry Cherrapunji is in a non-rainy season. Best time to visit is September and October.

1. No water falls except in monsoons :
Yes you heard it right. Cherrapunji is very dry and you see only Dainthlen falls and Nohkalikai that too just as a small tap flowing.
Seven sisters, Khyrem and many other falls were dried out completely.

2. No water around except  you trek :
Forget about water falls, You won't find any water around to play. I was into trekking , so I trekked to double decker root bridge and had beautiful small waterfalls and water all around ( after climbing down almost 3000 steps).

3. Heaven for people who trek
Yes, people who trek and are into adventures are the people who need to go to Cherrapunji. You can trek even in monsoons as rainfall is only for two hours. September and October are beautiful months to visit. Double decker root bridge is a very beautiful trek. Rainbow falls trek, Nohkalikai trek and many other forest treks are very beautiful

4. Parks are beautiful in monsoons
There are parks with views of Bangladesh plains in Cherrapunji. Two of the famous parks are Thangkharang and Eco park. Views will be beautiful with lot of greenery only in monsoons.

5. Caves
These are the only things people can enjoy through out the year. Caves are beautiful natural wonders especially Arwah caves and Mawsmai caves.