"Shravanbelagola"- Peace- Nirvana- Faith


Moving in a lonely place amid the lush green farms, dozens of coconut trees, farmers on bullock carts, ladies sitting outside their houses in bright coloured sarees, neon colour houses with tiled roofs, it’s a treat for eyes specially if you are going there in monsoons. It was raining in one part and dry in other.

“ SHRAVANABELAGOLA” Temple - a place to pray, to understand the history & culture of our country .Spending a few moments of peace away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

While coming back from office I used to see this board with a picture which I could not understand initially but one fine day I searched it on Google and found out that it is one of the most sacred place of Jain pilgrimage .so without much ado I headed towards SHRAVANABELAGOLA I read a lot about it in school history textbooks. But never knew that one day I am going to land there.

SHRAVANABELAGOLA has two hills Chandragiri and Vindhyagiri .Vindhyagiri hill has the 58 feet tall statue of Gommateshwara. It is considered to be the world’s largest monolithic stone statue. Just 652 steps lead me to the statue. I remember half way I almost laid on the steps J . But the urge to see a new place, acquainting myself with some more knowledge keeps me awake and energetic. Little drops of rain, sky full of grey clouds moving at a slow pace, a beautiful temple on the hill, a pond in the middle of the market, statues engraved in the hill, sculptures of Yaksha and Yakshini, one of the best architecture marvel of Ganga dynasty, adorning the biggest Gajalakshmi main entrance, scriptures written on rocks, pillars and a lot of sculptures of lord Mahavira Jain. How can I forget an evening soaked in the mantras chanted by pilgrims, pouring of water on the statue, statues of 24tirthankaras, A breath taking view of basti’s built on Chandragiri hill. This place will lure you because of its natural beauty.

Sometimes words are not enough to express the beauty of a place that you have captured in your eyes. Only memories remain in your mind.