Norway Throws Open World's Largest Gingerbread City to Begin Christmas Celebrations

Photo of Norway Throws Open World's Largest Gingerbread City to Begin Christmas Celebrations by Priya Pareek

This Christmas will be more special in Norway as its second largest city Bergen is all set to turn into the world's biggest gingerbread city! Bergen has been keeping its tradition of hosting the largest gingerbread city display since 1991 and with passing each year, the celebrations get bigger and better!

The exhibition is known as Pepperkakebyen and showcases recreated buildings, ferries, trains, carousels, wheels and scenes from daily life, made out of gingerbread! Over 2,000 creations are on display with offerings received from schools and kindergartens as well as donations from the Latvia, UK and Germany.

Though other Norwegian cities are giving tough competition, organisers from Bergen claim it's possibly their biggest gingerbread village till date! Another such gingerbread town is in Stavanger which receives about 200 gingerbread buildings every year. This year, they are rallying schools, sports clubs, families and businesses together in an attempt to break Bergen's record.

Long been associated with Christmas throughout Scandinavia, gingerbread is quite famous in Norway with the most popular form being pepperkaker. These are home-cooked brittle ginger cookies prepared around Christmas every year and used mainly for decorations and gifting.

Pepperkakebyen is located at former swimming baths Sentralbadet in Bergen and it runs until December 31. All sales from the display go to children's charities such as SOS Children’s Villages, Save the Children and Children at Risk Foundation.

Are you excited to add some sugar and spice to your Christmas? Visit the famous gingerbread city and make merry in Norway!

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