When it was all about falling in love the Parisian way!


Paris! The city of love! The city I have always been waiting to visit with the love of my life. A city, which has always been so dreamy. A place, that has been on my list since years but made way to it only in 2017. Yes like I said the city of love... this post is dedicated to the person behind my dreams, who has made it this far with me. My very first special dedication to him for making me live this experience the Parisian way!

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Not many know about the fact how My Globetrotting dream saw its journey so far. The journey began long back by got its true meaning only when someone had my back, when my special someone believed in my dream as much as he made me believe in his love. And being in the city of love with him was like living another dream with him.

Without getting too much on a lovey note, bringing to you my revoir with Paris. Arriving in Paris at 6 am on a warm June morning, it was just perfect to catch the sun rising over this glorious city! We got dropped off at the bus station directly from the airport metro and there began my sojourn with the city I was about to fall in love with.

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We were going to be in Paris for 3 days and I already knew it before hand that any mount of days in this beautiful city would have not been enough. Because this city is something else! The air that engulfs this city is made of love and just love.

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It is pure madness trying to visit every museum, every gallery, walk in every cathedral, climb every tower, stroll along every famous boulevard, take a picture on every square you've read about, admire each palace, cross every bridge... And I Dint want to make the mistake or attempt of trying this. For me, I wanted to soak the air and culture of Paris and live the true city life.

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Yes we did visit some cathedrals, museum and of course the Eiffel tower, but I made more memories in Paris than visiting more places. Starting with my first evening in Paris visiting The Notre Dame there was no turning around.

As magnificent it gets, there was not a better sight to view this cathedral with clear skies in the background. Capturing this church from the foot of the square was definitely not easy.

The famous Notre Dame cathedral, along the Seine, towered above us and took my breath away. Its architecture is one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture. The statues, carvings and sculptures on this 850-year-old church's exterior tell its stories. Though the queue to visit the church wasn't quite long, on entering this beautifully architected church the air was filled with peace and tranquility combined with the smell of incense in the air.

The sweet sound of the choir gave me an experience difficult to replicate. Having visited this cathedral I was more excited to see what the city awaited me.

Coming across the circle zero I learned another interesting fact about the city is that the Notre Dame marks as the center of the city.

Setting on foot walking by the lanes of this charming city we came across the famous love lock bridge.

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A bridge which holds a thousand millions love stories from across the world. How couldn't we leave a little piece of us here?

The city is filled with so much architecture and sights that walking down the street within kilometers you arrive at a sight that will take your breath away. You cannot just stop walking on and on.

Catching a glimpse of the Palais Royal on route there. We spent a few minutes admiring the beautiful former royal palace and he magnificent building turned out to be great place to shoot a few photos.

Feeling so much love, we next headed to the Le Louvre museum to catch the first sunset rays.

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Having arrived at the Le Lourve all we wanted to do was just sit there soak in the city vibes and watch the city go by. One thing you need to know about before heading towards Le Lourve museum is that it hosts around 15000 pieces and it's freaking huge! And before diving into its labyrinth, I already made peace with the fact that you definitely cant see all of it in 3 days. So if you truly want to see every piece displayed inside, your 3 days in Paris won't even be enough to visit just this one museum.

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And all we did there was catch up on some time by the pyramid, watch it lighten up post the sunset and let the city breeze sweep us away.

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And finally the reason what makes Paris, Paris was just few kilometers away. Yes the Eiffel tower.

After seeing so many sights already, how could I miss seeing the monument I yearned for all this while. I had to visit it on the very first day. My rest of the evening in Paris was spent in search of the most perfect spot to view the Eiffel tower and I give it to none other than Trocadero Square.

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Yes we spent our first evening in Paris enjoying the Light show by the tower at late wee hours around 11:00pm because the sunset itself was at 10:00pm. This is a 10:00pm picture at the Trocadero square.

Very few experiences will beat the feeling you will get while looking at the lit-up Eiffel Tower glittering every hour against the dark blue night sky. Watching the 20,000 light bulbs illuminate the tower is the most exhilarating feeling. Here you can spend as long as you like, strolling by the river side, gazing at the distant views of the Eiffel and the golden dome of Napolean's Tomb or just admiring the ornate lamps that symmetrically flank the bridge.

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And I must say this is one of the most beautiful sights an evening can give you.

Next day setting ourselves on the walking mode again, Moreover the beautiful walk through the Siene river crossing some of the most beautiful spots around Paris was the reason it made our search so much more worth it. Starting from Tuileries garden walking by the Siene river we came across Pont Alexandre III bridge. A magnificent bridge which will make you pause and wonder at it for quite sometime.

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While watching the boats go by the bridge and waving at the people, There are plenty of lawns by the river side, to give your tired legs a rest and your curious eyes a treat. We definitely did enjoy catching up on some wine with a view of the city here.

Tuileries garden gave us the chance to unwind in this crazy city in the most soothing way.Catching a prime spot by the mountain and being lost in conversations for hours we lost track of time. However yet another one of those amazing times we had added to our Paris Diaries.

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With so much love in the air, today evening was meant to catch the Eiffel tower view from another place called Bir Hakim.

Yes it's an offbeat spot not known by many but definitely a place, which gives you some of the best views of Eiffel Tower.

One thing I totally admire about Paris is the way the city retains an atmosphere of old charm. However urbanized it may seem, its known as the fashion capital for a reason. With departmental stores like Galeries Lafayette, this city is a heaven for fashionistas out there.

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The 120-year-old Galeries Lafayette surely impressed me with not only its 3500 brands and the 3,500 square metre, but also with its gorgeous history and design seen in the style stain glass windows and the dome roof. And what more they have a dedicated department store building of seven stories for men and women separately.

Next day early morning we booked our trip to visit the Eiffel tower up close. Despite what you might think of the Eiffel Tower, whether you're a fan or not of the iron construction, the view from its top is something no one should miss.

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No matter if you only have a few hours or 3 days in Paris, find the time to climb the Eiffel Tower.

Yes literally climb it! We did that too, we ditched the elevator to level 2 and took the stairs instead and trust me it gives you the real feel of being inside the tower. You get to catch glimpse of hooks and corners which your wouldn't have otherwise seen. And much more to add the hidden secret rom on top was something too see.

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Feeling content visiting the top, we couldn't get over the feeling of being by the Eiffel Tower. We decided to spend some more time by the tower.

Grabbed a bottle of champagne and a few glasses from a store nearby and lie down on the grass in the garden underneath and watch people drink, dance and feel the true city vibes.

After bidding the Eiffel tower our goodbye until we come back and heading back to the hotel walking through the high-end streets of Champs- Elysées was an experience.This 70 m wide, 6 lane boulevard is often referred to as the most beautiful boulevard in the world, the avenue used for all major celebrations and it speaks for itself why!

Making our way last stop to towards the Arc the Triomphe from the tower every inch of the Arc is richly decorated. You can see funerals and battle scenes, allegorical figures, roses, the names of several great battles and victories, and the names of army leaders engraved. Each side is worth photographing, especially when the sun sets ablaze this triomphe!

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All in all I could say is three days aren't enough to see any place in the world. And especially not the city that is home to so many world-famous attractions, a city you fall in love every second being there. All you can do is well, stop thinking and start walking, and load your senses with as much as they can take in the most beautiful city in the world. And being in Paris makes you truly want to be lost in this part of the World forever, especially when you have the hand of your loved one to hold on to by the streets of Paris!

At the end all you need to add to PARIS is just two letters, or two loving souls to make it a true PARADISE!

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