You have to visit this city with your life partner to fall in love all over again | #RomanticPlaces

4th Feb 2021
Photo of You have to visit this city with your life partner to fall in love all over again | #RomanticPlaces by Srishti (still.winds)

“I think Paris smells, and not just sweet but melancholy and curious, sometimes sad but always enticing and seductive. She’s a city for all the senses, for artists and writers and musicians and dreamers, for fantasies, for long walks and wine and lovers and yes, for mysteries.” — M.J. Rose

If you have been to Paris, you are lying if the feeling of love doesn't remind you of Paris. And if you have not, you are reading just the right article. Wait, till you fall in love with the city too!

It was Summer 2017, when I first visited Paris, France. No day, no minute, no second spent there can be forgotten. Paris has an aura of its own and you are bound to dwell in it.

Many cities are rich in romantic features. However, the language, gourmet cuisine, and landmarks preserved through romantic traditions perfectly combine for love stories only Paris can tell.

Photo of Paris by Srishti (still.winds)

We arrived at the Radisson Blue Hotel as we left the airport. Located in the western business district of Paris, the Radisson Blu stands in the Boulogne-Billancourt area between the 2 congress centers in Porte Maillot and Porte de Versailles. The elegant and relaxing rooms were a treat to our eyes. The various facilities provided at the hotel justifies the cost that you pay to stay at the hotel.

Value for money: 4.5/5

Location rating: 4/5

Quality of food: 4/5

Ambience: 5/5

It was the month of May and who would have thought the atmosphere around the Eiffel Tower would be so cold and windy. This Parisian Landmark also happens to be a technological masterpiece in building-construction history.

With nearly seven million visitors a year, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most-visited tourist attractions in the world, so lines can be hours long. They are shortest before 9am, after 6pm (in summer, the Eiffel Tower is open later in the evening), and off season.

The timings are as follows: 9:30am - 11:45pm.

During summertime, the hours are extended from 9:00am until 1:45am. More information about the Eiffel Tower opening hours is found on their official website: /rates-opening-times

Eiffel Tower

Photo of Eiffel Tower by Srishti (still.winds)

Champ de Mars

Photo of Eiffel Tower by Srishti (still.winds)

Across the river from the Eiffel Tower, the Place du Trocadero offers a gorgeous viewpoint. Closer to the tower, the Champ de Mars allows tourists to click photographs right next to the monument or a bit farther away, depending on where the snapshots are taken in the park. From either of these locations, it is easy to take photos that will become much-cherished memories of the visit. The ideal time to take a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower is in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Did you know you are allowed the climb the stairs of Eiffel tower? I mean what feeling it'd be to explore this iconic tower and look at the details of the construction with your naked eyes. This way you save a few euros as well. But, you need to keep in mind that there are 360 steps to the first level and another 344 steps (for a total of 704 steps) to the second level. There is an elevator for those of you who don't wish to take the stairs.

Note: Only the top level is not accessible by stairs.

I remember I was on the second floor leaning by the edge of the tower and enjoying the view. It was so damn windy out there. I couldn't stop myself from imagining myself being a part of some Bollywood film. Your hair is in the air and you are eyes full of love. Filmy much?

Photo of You have to visit this city with your life partner to fall in love all over again | #RomanticPlaces by Srishti (still.winds)

We spent a good amount of time at the Eiffel Tower and once we got down, we sat there at the garden facing the tower. How much time would be enough to embrace the beauty of this masterpiece? We sat there till late at night and didn't move an inch. The whole experience is so so enriching and can't be accurately expressed in words.

Photo of You have to visit this city with your life partner to fall in love all over again | #RomanticPlaces by Srishti (still.winds)

The moment I thought I had seen everything, I was told that's not all. The Eiffel Tower lights up every evening from sunset to 1am and there is nothing in the world as stunning as that. We were awe-struck by the beauty of the tower when it shone like that.

The iconic Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris and represents love for many couples from all over the world. Reason being thousands of marriage proposals made under this magnificent tower every year. The aura, view, vibes - everything is so authentic and romantic that it makes it an ideal location for all the beautiful couples to celebrate love.

But what makes it obvious that Paris is by excellence the city of love: They have a wall of love! And they call it le mur des je t’aime. The Wall of Love is a popular destination in Montmartre. The phrase “I love you” covers the wall in 250 languages. Couples from all over the world will surely find a selfie-spot in front of this wall.

Eiffel Tower

Photo of You have to visit this city with your life partner to fall in love all over again | #RomanticPlaces by Srishti (still.winds)

Wall of Love

Photo of You have to visit this city with your life partner to fall in love all over again | #RomanticPlaces by Srishti (still.winds)

Located at the western end of the Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, is perhaps the most iconic of all French monuments, and without a doubt one of the most triumphal.The Arc de Triomphe stands at the center of the Place Charles de Gaulle, also known as the “Place de l'Étoile ”.

Before having built this giant structure, an initial version of l'Arc built was a wooden mock-up, for Napoleon to march beneath through with his wife, Marie-Louise of Austria as they entered Paris after their marriage.

Photo of Arc de Triomphe by Srishti (still.winds)

The Louvre, or the Louvre Museum, is the world's largest art museum and a historic monument in Paris, France. A central landmark of the city, it is located on the Right Bank of the Seine in the city's 1st arrondissement.

The ever so famous (painting of) Mona Lisa hangs behind bulletproof glass in a gallery of the Louvre Museum in Paris, where it has been a part of the museum's collection since 1804.

It is a visual representation of the idea of happiness. Leonardo da Vinci undertook the task of painting the Mona Lisa, as a commission from Francesco del Giocondo, a wealthy silk merchant. The painting was to be a portrait of Giocondo's wife, Lisa del Giocondo. The couple wished to hang it in their new home to celebrate the birth of their new son, Andrea.

Photo of Louvre Museum by Srishti (still.winds)

No matter what your age is, you HAVE TO visit the Disneyland in Paris. Disneyland is the happiest place on earth for a reason. You are provided with good food, crazy rides, entertaining LIVE shows. What is really really endearing is the atmosphere. There are children dressed up as disney princess/prince and you could sit for hours on the main street soaking up the vibes. This is truly a magical place.

Disneyland, Paris

Photo of Disneyland Paris by Srishti (still.winds)

A Seine river cruise is a very popular way to see Paris. These short river cruises allow you to take in many of the highlights of the city—the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Musée d'Orsay, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc. —as you float along the Seine River.

The popular bollywood song 'Ilahi' from the movie 'Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani' was shot here. It was such a huge fan moment for me to be experiencing all of it. Imagine sitting beside your better half and listening to romantic songs as you enjoy the view.

Photo of Seine River by Srishti (still.winds)

What Paris has in store to offer you is abundance of love and happiness. It is true what the poets say," this is the city of love". Reminiscing about Paris this Valentines Day shouldn't be too surprising. For a traveler, the synonym of LOVE will always be PARIS.

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