Picturesque Playful Prague


Aerial view of Prague

Photo of Picturesque Playful Prague by Devika Maheshwari

Wave goodbye to all kinds of modern transportation because being on foot is the only way to enjoy the feel of this city. Prague aka "The City Of A Hundred Spires” isn't just a quaint old historic town. It's an oasis for exemplary European nightlife and a haven for every romantic's loving eye.

Day 1

We stayed at the Hotel Grandior for our two-day trip but I would suggest staying a little closer to the Old Town Square. The square is the historic core of Prague. It has gilded buildings lining up the thin cobbled alleys leading to tiny boutique shops showcasing beautiful souvenirs or it connects you to branded streets like Pařížská aka Prague's most luxurious street with brands like Gucci and Burberry.

The square also has restaurants providing seating both in and outside so that one can enjoy the sun while sipping on Prague's most famous ornament- its beer. Another reason for the outside seating are the innumerous magic, fashion, and music shows that happen in the square. We were able to witness three magicians gather an audience of 50+ trying to do useless magic tricks but successfully attaining money from them for beer and weed. And needless to say, all eyes, like ours, who were seated at the restaurants were astounded to see this.

Another famous attraction of Prague, the astronomical clock was also situated at the square. Now no matter what anyone says- do not waste time into waiting for the clock to strike. Honestly, it's just like a cuckoo clock except a skeleton comes out to dance. We were lucky that we crossed it just two minutes before it struck and didn't have to wait long enough for the not-so-great miracle. Nonetheless, you should see it once as the 600-year-old clock still has an impeccable system of visualizing time and processing the almighty apostles.

Photo of Prague Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square, Prague 1, Czechia by Devika Maheshwari

And the final piece adorning the square was the magnificent St. Nicholas Church. However, this name is occupied by two churches in Prague, one in the Old Town Square and the other in Lesser Town Square, to be clear I will be referring to the one in Old Town Square. The church has been in Prague for past 8 centuries and is known to have the most impressive interior as it is designed by known artists globally. It is this grandeur that places the church as a prime spot for the most distinguished concerts.

Photo of Picturesque Playful Prague by Devika Maheshwari

Another way to explore Prague relatively quickly but equally enthusiastically is to jump on Segways. You get options for segway tours all over the town square and you can opt for the package that suits you best. Caution: Manning those machines is a little tricky so skip shorts or skirts while riding it. This way you won't fall and bruise your knees like I did. Anyways, it is a definite combination of taking in the scenic views of Prague, (for instance when we rode the sky changed its color with hues of pink and yellow) while maintaining a significant amount of thrill.

After the Segway rides we made our way back to the hotel and stopped at the Municipal House in between. The Municipal House stands on the site of what once was the Royal Court. This radiant art-nouveau ziggurat is home to some of the most esteemed painting and sculptures by renaissance artists showcasing symbolism in various kinds. A not-so-interested art person should also give this a visit to witness Prague's remarkable beauty over time.

Municipal House

Photo of Municipal House, Náměstí Republiky, Old Town, Prague, Czechia by Devika Maheshwari

This was our last stop for the day and after a quick change, we went to fancy some of Prague's nightlife.

The second day we took a hop on-hop off to cover the spots we hadn't seen. Hop on- hop off buses are a great way to travel the city, see all tourist attractions and learn interesting facts about them. This service is spread globally so do ask your concierge at the hotel if this is available. I usually take this the first day so that all tourist sightseeing is done and the following days I can relax and explore the city as a local.

Day 2

Moving on, the first stop we had was Wenceslas Square. The square is more like an avenue lined up with eccentric shades of buildings bearing artifacts, shops, restaurants, bars and more. It is also the favorite spot for locals to meet on blind dates as it provides the perfect romantic setting. On one end of the alley is the natural museum which leads to many tourists swarming the area.

Wenceslas Square

Photo of Wenceslas Square, New Town, Prague-Prague 1, Czechia by Devika Maheshwari

Following our little adventure around the square, we decided to take the bus and go see the Prague castle. Prague Castle or Pražský hrad is the most popular attraction for Prague and why not? As you reach the castle and gaze around you see an amalgamation of modern and ancient building lining up the city center. The placement of the castle is exceptionally strategical as it makes one look down at Prague, allowing the castle to hold the unsaid symbolic value of authority with which it was built and currently asserts as the president of Czech Republic resides there. Even as you move inside the castle you cannot try and not take multiple pauses to Czech's most noted cultural and inspirational treasures.

Prague Castle

Photo of Prague Castle, Prague-Prague 1, Czechia by Devika Maheshwari

Quick Fact: According to the Guinness World Records, it’s the largest ancient castle in the world: 570m long, an average of 128m wide and covering a total area bigger than seven football fields. The architectural style is renaissance and gothic and it is an ancient symbol of the Czech lands.

P.S. - Do stop at the little stalls when you're exiting the castle and have the twisted salted potatoes on a stick and the gigantic cherries.

The last place to pin was the Charles Bridge. But looking at the army of voyagers we decided to take a cruise instead. As we smoothed soothingly we saw the sky play with different shades burnt orange, ochre and dusty pink. With the sky, the city changed too. While all the outdoor stalls got packed and the vendors moved inside, youngsters, tourists, and some locals bombarded the streets to enjoy the night. And as soon as our calm and serene cruise ride ended we did the same.

Cruise Ride

Photo of Charles Bridge, St.Charles Bridge, Prague-Prague 1, Czechia by Devika Maheshwari

Other sightseeing points that you'll cover on foot:

1. Powder tower- A 65-meter-tall gothic tower built as one of 13 gates to the city. Modeled after the Old Town Bridge Tower and studded with sculptures, its name comes from its use as a gunpowder store in the 17th century.

Powder Tower

Photo of Powder Gate, náměstí Republiky, Prague-Prague 1, Czechia by Devika Maheshwari

2. Kinský Palace- Situated in the famous Old Town Square, the Kinský Palace is distinguished for its combination of attractive pink and white Rococo façade.

3. The Church of Our Lady before Týn- Located in the Old Town Square.

The Church of Our Lady before Týn

Photo of Church of Our Lady before Týn, Old Town Square, Prague 1, Czechia by Devika Maheshwari

4. Ministry of Industry and Trade- Get the best view while cruising along Vltava river.

Ministry of Industry and Trade

Photo of Picturesque Playful Prague by Devika Maheshwari

Budapest -> Prague ->Then driving on to Salzburg while making a quick stop at the enchanting town of Cesky Krumlov.