A Weekend Gateway- Neemrana


Sometimes in life there comes a time when you really need a vacation but due to various circumstances it's impossible to travel. Here comes to the rescue- The weekend Gateway.

I reside in Delhi NCR, so for me what was the perfect gateway- NEEMRANA in Rajasthan.

Neemrana is an ancient historical town in Alwar District in Rajasthan. This place belonged to the Chauhan dynasty. Rao Rajdeep Rao founded Neemrana in 1464.

In the current times, Neemrana is also an industrial hub. There is Rajasthan industrial cooperation as well as special economic zones.

Neemrana is perfect for a 2- day trip. Here are some of the things to do and keep in mind when planning to Visit Neemrana-

1. DISTANCE- If you are travelling from Delhi then the distance is only 104kms and takes approximately 2 hours 30 mins to reach. The Jaipur highway is well maintained. You can travel via your own personal vehicle or by any outstation cab services. There are a lot of tolls on this road but overall the road is very good to drive on and has a lot of dhabas and restaurants on the highway.

2. WHERE TO STAY- I would personally recommend staying at Neemrana Fort Palace. It was built in 1464 and was turned into a resort in 1991. They have 77 rooms of different sizes and preferences and on different levels. There are in total 9 wings in which the rooms have been divided. The booking can be done via their website- https://www.neemranahotels.com/m/fort-palace-neemrana/ or via MakeMyTrip or bookings.com.

Photo of A Weekend Gateway- Neemrana 1/6 by Tanvi Singh 3. ROOMS- Every room is named after a mahal. There are rooms according to the number of people. If you are travelling as a couple you will get a room according to your preferences and if you are a big family you can opt for a room which has 2 bedrooms in it. The rooms are very spacious and give a heritage feel. Basic amenities like AC, geyser, running water, intercoms are present. But you won't find an TV in any of the rooms because they believe that you must experience the heritage living. You will only get to know which room you have got after checking in. So if you are lucky you can get a room with balcony. But view from all the rooms are breathtaking.
Photo of A Weekend Gateway- Neemrana 2/6 by Tanvi Singh

The view from our balcony

Photo of A Weekend Gateway- Neemrana 3/6 by Tanvi Singh

Balcony of our room

4. CULTURAL PROGRAMMES- Every night there is a cultural programme organised here which contains of Rajasthani folk dance, music and presentation of various skills by the locals at the amphitheater. You certainly don't want to miss this because it's marvellous. It's a treat to the eyes to see all the talents and cultural representation by them. Do not forget to take your camera.

Photo of A Weekend Gateway- Neemrana 4/6 by Tanvi Singh

Night view of the fort palace


1. A tour of the palace- A tour is conducted by the hotel by a group of guides who are thorough and knowledgeable. The tour is conducted in 2 batches in a day. It is a good experience since they will show and explain about the history of the fort in detail.

2. Zip tour- The hotel also offers the zipping experience for those who are fond of some adventure. It is a lifetime experience and fun.

3. Spa- When coming to Neemrana fort palace you do not miss the spa. We all need to relax on a holiday for which spa is important to rejuvenate our body and calm our mind. The spa consist of saunas, facials, full body massage, body scrub and exfoliation. They have their ancient ayurvedic scrub and exfoliating creams that provide a royal experience.

4. Swimming pool- Swimming in a pool amidst the heritage property? Sounds like luxury right? You surely do not want to miss this. The pool is right in the centre and offers a refreshing dip. You can also swim at night in the summers.

Photo of A Weekend Gateway- Neemrana 5/6 by Tanvi Singh

6. DINNING- The fort palace has 5 dinning areas. They offer complimentary breakfast. You can dine both indoors or outdoors. You can also opt for an exclusive menu and a special dinning place for a special occasion. Their laal Maas which is an authentic Rajasthani dish is a must try for all the non vegetarians. They also serve very tasty pasta and dessert.

Apart from this, they also have a tea time in the evening from where the view is spectacular.

* Carry your walking shoes since there is a lot of walking involved.

* Remember to catch the sunset and the sunrise. The view is mesmerising. * Do not just sit in your room. Go out and venture the property. * There is a parking area for all the guests so parking will be no problem. * Take a lot of pictures, find your spots where the view is the best. * Do not litter. Keep the heritage property clean. Photo of A Weekend Gateway- Neemrana 6/6 by Tanvi Singh