Headed towards Udaipur..

23rd Jan 2019
Day 1

As Usual mine Most of the Trips are start at the 2 O'clock in Night.
Same As According packed up the backpack and left the Town in Those black haze under thousand starts.

The best thing I love to start the any trip in night is the peace of those world, i love to Watch out from the windows of the vehicle, where nothing is there outside.

That was a self driven car so have to drive from ahmedabad to udaipur.. Most probably 275kms One way.

Me and another three friends were there, while driving on those endless dark roads, those tiny lights of villages on the way are greeting us.

Reached to the Udaipur Town around 7 am Morning after having a wonderful drive of those 275kms.  And still felt fresh in that morning.

After getting The morning breakfast, knocked the door of city palace.
City Palace an one  of the Anicent Historic Palace of the State. Where you can easily Visualise How was that time,
The Culture, Lifestyle, Foods and the Generation..

At least One day must have to be dedicate that place to explore, and live entirely.

Coming to the day end Sitted upon the Benches of the Fatehsagar Lake.
One Lake, Hundreds of Lights, In Mid Of The Lake One Lightening Palace and truly Doing justice by those mountains in background.

Hopefully Ended The Day with Some Great Vibes, And Memories for my Eyes, well as my Camera's Eyes..

Next day Morning.. Headed Back to the Home town wit

Cost :
You can Have Hotel IN udaipur around 2 to 3k or prefer Dormitory around 600Buks.
Eating :
I always prefer to eat light food while In traveling.
So in Udaipur, Aloo parathe, and The Know Dal Baati Saved us.

The Vibes..

Photo of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India by Jigar Mevada