Khamagani Jaipur

6th Oct 2015
Photo of Khamagani Jaipur by Varnica Bajaj

Forts,Palaces,Maharajas...that is what one would know of Jaipur,Capital of Rajasthan.But,there is a lot more that the city has to offer.Beyond the history there is still a lot of places unexplored,undiscovered.But why Jaipur ?. Well,for one it was my Birthday and mostly I wanted to visit my mumma's sister( considering she had invited a number of times). So, here I was , all set paint the Pink City red. I had already made up my mind that having visited this city once and seen all the forts,palaces, I surely did not want to revise my history class. Now , having cut out the major attractions, what was left with me was food and shopping . ( Not that the abovementioned places are not interesting ). The shopping hub ' Johari Bazaar and Bapu Bazaar are not just a heaven for shopaholics but it makes for a good walk ( Not that I enjoyed under the scorching sun considering the weather was not favourable). They say all the shops in this area have to be a certain shade of pink with the name of the shops in black in white background. As for food you have the famous LMB offering the mouth watering tikia ( i.e potato pancakes). While walking past these pink rustic buildings, amongst the hawkers and vendors trying to lure to buy their products, you come across the all famous Hawa Mahal.  At night , I went for a drive , paying homage to the remaining forts and palaces that this city boasts of . Did you know that all year round  there are a whole lot of festivals taking place in this city namely literature festival , jaipur rang mahotsav . This time I got to witness the all talked about JAIRANGAM, 2015. Never knew that the people in this city are so creatively inclined . Lastly , Don't miss out on the Ram Bagh Palace , a palace turned hotel to give yourself a taste of the rich cultural heritage and history.I know I have not uploaded any pictures , so all you travel lovers , go out there and love this PINK City with your own eyes and create a trip just how I did.