Treasured memories at Eon Hills

11th Sep 2015

It’s been quite some time now, since my nomadic nature lost its existence due to various obligations in life. Therefore in order to bring it back to life, I thought of taking a break and go on a small vacation. Though it's not possible to travel to a faraway place owing to the ongoing everyday battle, I was planing a visit to a serene and less-crowded place near Delhi to do some soul searching. In order to make my plan work, I ransacked the internet and found out this place called Eon Hills in Uttarakhand. Arguably the youngest hill station in India, this beautiful destination is situated between Jim Corbett National Park and Ranikhet which is a six hours drive from the national capital of Delhi. Nature has its own way of calling and I could feel that deep inside my heart. packed my bags and hit the road with my partner in crime, Jumbo (I adorably call my Royal Enfield).

Though I have travelled to several hill stations, yet discovering a new destination is always fun. After crossing the hustle bustle of the city traffic, we were talking to the wind. My excitement knew no bound, when I reached the Jim Corbett National Park. A ride in the woods is always fascinating and I couldn’t wait to do it after ages. An hour’s ride through the woods and I was at the coveted destination. On reaching the place, I was overwhelmed to see the untouched beauty of the place and felt proud at my discovery.

Check in was done in no time, as I had a booking in the only luxury resort present in the area, Essence of Nature. It was a long ride and I was craving for some food to munch. Since it was evening, I ordered some snacks and tea and sat down in the lawn outside to do some stargazing. The sky was clear and it took me back to my childhood days, making me nostalgic. It’s been quite a while since I had witnessed so many stars together. The aroma of the food took me back to reality and I felt my stomach was longing for the delicious food, waiting for me in the restaurant. After a scrumptious dinner, I took a small walk and headed for my room to get a good night’s sleep. I woke up to the sound of nature and after breakfast, I decided to visit the Maa Bhona Devi temple, which is located near the resort. A walk in the hills was rejuvenating all my senses and I could feel more alive. I explored the place and used my shutterbug several times to capture the nature’s beauty. Since, the place is an upcoming bird watching destination; I could witness a few beautiful species and capture them in my camera. I was so absorbed with nature exploration that I even forgot about my lunch. It was a great experience altogether and I came back to the resort quite content.

During my expedition, I met a few like minded people at the resort, who I became friends with. So, I decided to spend the evening with them. We sat down together around the bonfire and had a gala time jamming till midnight. Since, I had to leave the next morning; I took permission from them and went straight to my room to have some sleep. Although, I wanted to stay some more, but jeopardising my career did not seem a good option to me. So with a bag full of memories, we (me and Jumbo) returned, adding another chapter to my travel diaries.

It was like an experience of a lifetime and so thought of sharing it with you guys. So, if you are getting tired of the daily humdrum of life, pack your bags and visit Eon Hills. Trust me, you’ll have the best time of your life.