10 Countries Other Than India That Will Light Up Your Instagram with Their Diwali Celebrations!

Photo of 10 Countries Other Than India That Will Light Up Your Instagram with Their Diwali Celebrations! by Samarth Arora

Diwali shines upon us again! The festival of lights is here to bless us and the country is dipped in the zeal of the year’s biggest celebration. However, I can’t help but recall the time when I was away from home in a distant land on this auspicious day and wished to see the alleys of my neighbourhood brighten up. The whiff of this season leaves me mesmerised annually without fail and when I couldn’t feel that, it seemed empty inside. This had me digging for information on the countries that celebrated Diwali in a way that made you feel close to home.

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Photo of Nepal by Samarth Arora

Our lovely neighbours leave no stone unturned when it comes to celebrating Diwali. They call it Tihar and the country nose-dives in five days of jovial celebrations. Goddess Laxmi, cows, dogs and crows are all worshipped, as people dance and go door-to-door to exchange food or money as gifts. Bhai Dooj becomes Bhai Tika and the vibes are as good and positive as they get.

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Photo of Great Britain, United Kingdom by Samarth Arora

The British took a lot more than what they bargained for when they left India in 1947. This includes the addictive Diwali vibes and celebrations. Indians make up the second-largest ethnic community in Great Britain and celebrate Diwali with great pomp without caring much about the freezing temperatures. Every year, London’s Trafalgar Square turns into a big, fat Diwali party that all are welcome to join.

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Photo of Sri Lanka by Samarth Arora

With mentions in modern-day Sri Lanka, Diwali plays a significant role in the country’s culture. The rituals are quite similar to those in India like lighting up of homes and bursting crackers. The addition of figures made of sugar crystals or Mishri make it a sweeter affair.

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Photo of South Africa by Samarth Arora

With one of the largest Indian immigrant population across the world, South Africa is definitely high on Diwali celebrations every year. As Indians take charge of the preparations, the celebrations are equally bright, colourful and often loud as they are in India. This one feels like home away from home and you would never run out of sweets if you plan to celebrate Diwali in South Africa!

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Photo of Thailand by Samarth Arora

The land of parties has its own unique way of dishing out Diwali festivities. The festival is called Lam Kriyongh and the occasion has lamps made from banana leaves lighting up the streets. These lamps hold candles, a coin and incense. After the celebrations, these lamps are set afloat on a river. Thailand lays emphasis on killing darkness with light and positivity rather than making it a loud affair with crackers, which is a sight to behold.

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Photo of Trinidad and Tobago by Samarth Arora

These Caribbean gems have so much to offer to tourists that spending your Diwali here is only cherry on top of the cake! The islands observe an official holiday on this occasion. Need we say more?

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Photo of Japan by Samarth Arora

The Japanese share so much in culture with Indians that we hardly know of! Celebrating Diwali with fervour is adding to that list. The Japanese people hang colourful lanterns and decorate trees around their gardens during the festive season. Places of worship are revamped with new decorations and wallpapers, while the locals flock to the temples, praying for a time of prosperity, progress, happiness and longevity. A humble yet colourful way that can leave viewers bedazzled!

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Photo of Canada by Samarth Arora

Canada or Kaneda, as Indians lovingly refer to it, has a strong Indian community budding and residing harmoniously in the vibrant nation. Diwali is an all-out event that is celebrated with hearts on sleeves here and the air is filled with Punjabi beats and dhola! You won’t really care if there are crackers or not (though there are in plenty), this party immediately transports you to India at heart in no time.

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Photo of Singapore by Samarth Arora

The Lion City attracts a large Indian population on a regular basis, thanks to its lavish shopping options. Diwali takes a splendid turn on this island country, especially around Little India on Serangoon Road. With lighted roads and houses everywhere, and sweets and garlands pleasing the senses at every step make this place look like a location from the fairy tales! Burning fuljaris at every street further add to the charm.

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Photo of Suriname by Samarth Arora

Suriname is a tiny country resting near the northern boundary of Brazil on the South American continent. Before we discuss how they celebrate Diwali, know about their language – Bhojpuri! They prefer to call it Sarnami language though, and love Diwali as much as Indians do. This lesser known destination might not boast of a lot to throw on your plate, yet visiting this place for Diwali is a pleasant change from the hustle of the everyday monotony.

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