Why we say the world is small and why I believe in it

4th Jan 2019
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Day 1

India is a huge country to be in and it has approximately 1.3 billion population. Hence the odds of bumping into the same set of people that you would have met in an unknown terrain, in an unknown state and in an unexplainable situation is very very few.

You must have read my last blog on my Spiti trip and on the first day when I reached Sarchu, I bumped into a couple who had already covered the entire Spiti valley and was heading to their final destination.

Since they had covered Spiti they shared really helpful tips with me and which proved to be kind of a life saving tips for me. They told us when you should be crossing the Nalas (waterfalls), which turn to take so that you don't get lost and where you can potentially stay to cut on accommodation cost.

Their bike was fully loaded and it had everything equipment required to survive in a difficult situation. Also, one side of their bike had all the video recording equipments as they happened to be one of the famous YouTubers you have in India. Their channel name is "Stray artist" - Theatre Artists by profession and travellers by choice. Their videos will give you every miniscule details about the places they have been to.

It was a great conversation with them and they left a mark on my mind.

Only a while ago, I did my next road trip to Rajasthan which proved to be the most memorable one because of several reasons which I will highlight in my next blog. I was traveling to The Great Indian Desert - The That desert which is one of the most remotest places in India and have minimum civilization of obvious reasons.

I was driving through the most loneliest of roads as I saw a bike approaching. It must be around 1km away from me but then too it looked familiar. After few seconds I knew it was the same couple whom I met during my Spiti trip. They were taking a small break before they could ride again which gave me a chance to turn my car around and check if I was right or wrong. As they removed their helmets they greeted me with a big smile and that when I knew they remember me as well.

It was a different kind of excitement, one which I cannot explain. That's why I say and now believe that world is a really small place. I never imagined I would bump into the same people again in this whole wide world.

Here is a picture we took when we met in Rajasthan and it was unfortunate that we didn't took one in Spiti. Who would have known that we would meet again.
Do follow their Instagram and YouTube channel. I am sure you will like it as much as I do.

Such kind of incidents actually turn into a memory which makes the whole trip worth remembering. I hope I bump into them again in some other place.

Until next time. Keep traveling, keep exploring like a tripster.

The Stray Artists.

Photo of Why we say the world is small and why I believe in it by the_tripster