Kanyakumari 'The Classic nip of India'

Photo of Kanyakumari 'The Classic nip of India' by Dev Vashisth

What appears to be the end,May really be a New Beginning.

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The Rock Memorial

India has many uncharted places, from The Himalayas to the coastal range of India. India is also known as peninsular region, because it is surrounded by 3 different water bodies. The Indian ocean at the edge, The Arabian sea in the west and The Bay of Bengal in the east. The place where these 3 water bodies come and meet, The southern most tip of India 'Kanyakumari'.

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Kanyakumari ! was on my wishlist since i was in school, And finally had a chance to visit the Peninsular tip of India. Most of us are fond of road trips and so am I. [One of the best road trip one can have] Bengaluru to Kanyakumari its 680 kms and takes approximately 11 hrs to reach Kanyakumari from Bengaluru the scenic view via NH44 will blow your mind. Most of us know the road conditions of southern India is matchless, so don't miss the chance to take this road trip. Vegetarians will face some problems as the dhaba's on the way don't have much variety .

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The Peninsular Tip Of India
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Vivekanandapuram was the last stop after 11 hrs of soothing drive. It was 10 in the morning when we entered Kanyakumari. The weather was not so hot we felt the cool sea breeze all time. [There are many hotels in kanyakumari but if you can have a stay in Vivekanandapuram it is unbeatable] Vivekanandapuram is a place in Kanyakumari established by Vivekananda Kendra A NGO serving people since last 44 years. As we checked in to our rooms, we kept our luggages and moved to the main city which had a walk able distance of 15 mins .[If you are allergic to walk, there is a free bus service to the city from the campus for you which is run by Vivekananda Kendra in every 40 minutes ]. There are many good food joints where you can have good sea food and mouth watering south Indian dishes .The best time to have a solo walk in Vivekanandapuram is in the morning and in the evening before sunset . You can see beautiful peacocks around and different species of Migrating birds. Vivekanandapuram also has its personal beach area where you can have a good time in the evening. As the time passed it was time of sunset Kanyakumari has both The sunrise and sunset point .[The feeling when you see sunset and sunrise cannot be explained , migrating birds all around and the sound of the ocean waves ] As we watched the sunset, it was almost dark till we reached the market.[ In the evening one should take a walk at the beach side settled market as the temperature comes down ]. There were many shops selling good quality shells, and there are some mouth watering chat corners which are must try. During the walk we visited many places like Aqua world which is a fish exhibition, there were more than 200 variety of sea fish which one should must watch. We went to the urban haat were we found some ultimate handicraft products. After the market hunt we came to edge part of the city from where you can see the rock memorial glowing. [At night one can spend a good time sitting on the rocks and watch the lights of the rock memorial,some good music can boom your good time] The local people of Kanyakumari say that the lights seen beyond rock memorial is Sri Lanka .As from the shore we could see a huge area glowing .After a good time at the shore we moved back to our place and had some good Rajasthani food.

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Boker tov! It was a pacifying morning, as we woke early to see the sunrise which was scheduled at 6:14 am. Vivekanandapuram had its personal sunrise view point. Sunrise in coastal region is always so beautiful that cannot be explained but only can be felt.[Believe me watching sunrise and sunset in Kanyakumari should be on your to do list of life]. After a good time at the shore it was our time to move to the rock memorial. It was Sunday and the Que to buy the ferry tickets was quite long. The funny part standing in the Que was when we reached the ticket counter we saw a special counter to skip the Que it charged 150 Buks more than the normal ticket !. As there are only 3 ferry which can accommodate only 60 people so it is better that you take the special Que . The distance from the shore to the rock memorial is hardly 500 meters, ferry takes approx 10 mins. We were equipped with the floaters in case the ferry sinks ! you cannot trust ocean waves though. Believe me ! standing at the rock when you see towards Kanyakumari you can see the triangular face of India as seen on the map. On the right you can see the big wind mills which is very close to Rameshwaram and also the western ghats. Also we could see the junction where these three huge water bodies were meeting Arabian see in color blue and Indian ocean in color green and the Bay of Bengal in color grey. The high waves were hitting the rock and sprinkling cold water on us which was a boon in that hot sunny day. Inside the memorial the vibes were so positive that can lift anyone's energy .[If you can meditate there for few minutes , you will have your one of the best meditating experiences] Approximately we stayed there for 2 hours which was bliss. Then we moved back to Kanyakumari city. As we planned 1 day trip to Kanyakumari we decided to spend last moments of the trip in the beach side. As we took some Tan from the sun it was our time to move back. And this time we were about to cover approximately 760 km that was to Chennai. A perfect triangular road trip Bengaluru - Kanyakumari - Chennai. we carried some ever lasting memories on our way back and promised the shore to see them again soon.

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*The best time to visit Kanyakumari is At the full moon, As you can see the high tides*

{*there are many places which we left but one can cover in 2 or 3 day trip you can do some hiking in the mountains of western ghat there are several temples that one should must visit. you can also take A day trip to Rameshwaram.*]