Road to Kodaikanal

16th Jan 2019
Photo of Road to Kodaikanal by Joshua Paul
Day 1

Road trips are the most fun filled travel. Tag along with a bunch of friends, it will be the most beautiful experience. It never cease to amaze even when you travel alone.

A brief description about our group. We are "Riders of Metal Bird" (RMB) who are bunch of wannabes attached towards a hamster ball oriented 9-5 work life, literally getting out the ball during weekends and exploring the world through our very owned motorcycles. Well you can always follow us and render your support in facebook and Instagram. We do some rides for a "cause" because we are basically good guys.

The trip was a one day ride, start from Coimbatore and to the infamous Kodaikanal a.k.a "The Princess of Hills". Kodaikanal is a splendid spot for couples, friends and even for solo riders. The optimum temperature in Kodaikanal around the year is likely to be 12° C - 17° C.

Start of the trip @ Coimbatore

Photo of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India by Joshua Paul

We started off at 4:30 am, with our riding gears and it was so pleasant. The total distance is 160 km and takes around 3 hours to reach Kodaikanal from Coimbatore (Traffic comes to play). We reached Palani within 6:30 am took a few pictures and had some snacks.

Pit stop at Palani

Photo of Road to Kodaikanal by Joshua Paul

The road towards Kodaikanal from Palani consist of the most exquisite views that you will expect as a rider. Tree filled roads, green all the way, fresh air and had a chance to race against a group of parrots.

Road to Kodaikanal from Palani

Photo of Road to Kodaikanal by Joshua Paul

After around 20kms the hill starts and after some hairpin bends you will witness the most beautiful viewpoint in Tamil Nadu "The Palar Dam Viewpoint". It is truly, a feast for your eyes.

Palar Dam Viewpoint

Photo of Road to Kodaikanal by Joshua Paul

After 2 hr ride, you will reach Kodaikanal where there are numerous tourist attractions like Guna Cave, Pillar Rock, Pine forest etc.

Kodaikanal is a good place for city road trips, honeymoons and getaways. There are quite a few places to enjoy there and I promise that you will have a memorable trip