Addiction It Is !!

Photo of Addiction It Is !! 1/1 by Anirban Deb

Was talking to some of my colleagues and boss today on my forthcoming trekking and unknowingly went on talking over 30 minutes explaining what we do, what we eat, how we carry things, what are the challenges, what makes it so close to heart and overall how it helps to connect with people, make relationships and create a long lasting bonding. Suddenly realized it's going too far and deliberately controlled my emotions. That's what I believe is the magnetism of the Himalayas or any other mountain or adventure per se that starts breathing inside you so strongly once you cherish the beauty that time falls short to express the unbound experience and love towards the endlessvistas of the mighty mountains.

I t is just an addiction....such an addiction it is that you continue to be addicted throughout and try to explore more and more options & alternatives to get addicted since the same drug becomes ineffective after sometime. And on the way meet people whom you never knew but they become your lifelong mates. Talking to them for hours together, walking along with them from lower altitude to a higher altitude, facing the difficulties together and seeking help without any hesitation, sharing the intimate and private moments creates a lifelong bonding. More so when you travel alone but never feel lonely in such company of people. Listening to their travel stories inspires you to explore more, experiences from the experienced makes you feel confident and building relation with new people gives you a feeling of togetherness that you can create with the unknown. And believe me, the results are truly rewarding.