Amazing Trip

10th Oct 2019
Day 1

On 10 october,2019 we have reach shimla at around 11 pm.We are in t shirt and tracks.Those cold winds get us feel freeze and we have called mohitsir the owner of vanvas for the pick up.he came with a car pick us and we drop at the home stay surrounded by mountains.All you can see is big long trees and some of the houses.There was preety cold at night bcz of tshrt and tracks but still we cannot take away our minds from that cool and clear air the sound of night insects and that time bunty the cook made 2 cup tee for us.We are like lost in that place it could not be better than this place this landscape and a cup of tea.After that we was waiting fr the morning eagrly to see this beautiful place with full detail as per google the sunrise was at 6.30 am.So we both get up at 6 and waiting fr the sun to rise bt guys in mountains the sunrise will always be late then that google time.The sunrise happens at around 8 and we feel the first Rays of the Sun.Those moments are priceless A sound of water flowing..the sound of birds..Some sound of cows which are downwards..and most memerising scenes was the leaves of the tree bcz of the moisture in air the leaves was shining like a silver made ornaments.Bunty once again give a cup of tea at the best time.This time we were roaming in jungles.climbing the hills..going downward to the little farms...we were just in the lap of pollution..just pure nature And our this schedule continues for the next 3 matter where we go we plan all according to get the sunrise in vanvas home stay.Its far away from can have some problems to reach i can assure you one thing please spend one night at this will get a time to know what is the real meaning of calmness...

Photo of Vanvaas Homestay, Via Chaily, Lower Summer Hill, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India by adil khoja