Photo of Landour by Dipu Darko

Much has been written about this lazy, hazy township, just as most of the the popular cafes and shops have been mentioned in various blogs; So, I thought, I'll skip the details and add a few pictures I took while reflecting my time in the queen of the hills, Mussurie. Landour is not huge or big in scale and is not quite spectacular as Shimla or Manali but it has an atmospheric feel and you can feel the nervy vibes when you walk down the old and rundown parts of the township. You can sense the beats while strolling down narrow lanes or just sipping some tea at Cafe Ivy. Whatever it is that one is feeling it's just reassuring to see that the place hasn't yet mutated into some commercial enterprise and become some ghastly version of a popular tourist destination.

Photo of Landour 1/11 by Dipu Darko
Pink Girl selling Candyfloss
Photo of Landour 2/11 by Dipu Darko
Some run down parts of the old bazaar
Photo of Landour 3/11 by Dipu Darko
The market in Landour
Photo of Landour 4/11 by Dipu Darko
Photo of Landour 5/11 by Dipu Darko
Capturing selfies while strolling down narrow paths
Photo of Landour 6/11 by Dipu Darko
A wide angle view of Landour
Photo of Landour 7/11 by Dipu Darko
School kids
Photo of Landour 8/11 by Dipu Darko
what a joyful place to grow for these furry buddies
Photo of Landour 9/11 by Dipu Darko
Boy Filling up water
Photo of Landour 10/11 by Dipu Darko
Lady selling momos. Love these folks from the mountains
Photo of Landour 11/11 by Dipu Darko
Garbage along the artsy wall