Mudan Trip

Mudan Township, which is blessed with stunning scenes, is the mysterious spot in the south of Taiwan. Few people knew about Mudan Township. As a Taiwanese, I never heard of it as well. Thanks for my teacher, who planned the three-day trip to Mudan Township, made me discovered the new paradise in Taiwan.
Along the trip, we almost didn’t meet anyone, not to mention tourists. As a result, the natural beauty of landscapes remained unspoiled and could be seen and found everywhere. We visited the ten spots in Mudan Township, and each of them was given different meaning.
We visited several relics with the local guide with us. Our guide, who is an aborigine, was familiar with Mudan Township and its history. I felt like I was in the ancient time and standing in the middle of war to see how the historical events happening and feel ups and downs throughout the story he was telling. My heart felt nothing but heavy when I was standing in front of the monument. Even though, I knew I would never feel the same compared to those who experienced the cruel war.
The most impressive scene for me was that when we hiked upward to the hill and looked down. The magnificent landscape was just in front of me with the sunshine shining out the whole town from the hills across the town. While I was stunned by the beauty of natural landscape, the local guide said: Isn’t it amazing, your reaction to the view is just like Japanese did over one hundred ago. His saying deeply touched me, for people would feel the same to Taiwan’s beauty regardless of nation, race, and time. Even Japanese were hostile to Taiwan at that time, they were still admired the beauty of Taiwan. The wind was strong that day, I remembered while my classmates were eager to take photos to record the significant landscape, I did nothing. I recorded views with my eyes and brain bathing in the wind and sunshine, totally enjoyed the atmosphere out there. I knew this moment would always in my brain and I’ll keep it forever. Next time, I’ll go back here to find the same move and visit this lost of Taiwan beauty.
Photo of Mudan Township, 屏東縣台灣 by Wendy Zhang
Photo of Mudan Township, 屏東縣台灣 by Wendy Zhang