20th Sep 2014
Photo of MY SPRINGTIME PARIS by Sanjana
Photo of MY SPRINGTIME PARIS by Sanjana
Photo of MY SPRINGTIME PARIS by Sanjana

The last lap of my European sojourn brings me to the City of Lights – Paris. As I set my foot on Gare Du Nord, rain welcomes me accompanied with a shivering chill in the air. With the umbrella safely tucked in one of the suitcases, I get the opportunity to soak into the rains for a brief while. The momentary chill and the downpour gives me a sense of believe that this trip is going to end in a memorable note.

Every season pays its tribute to Paris with the melange of colour and atmosphere. Be it the impregnated clouds or the blazing sun, Paris is beautiful in all shades and seasons. There are spats of occasional rains right before the onset of the summers which is mostly mid June. Depending on your budget, interests and the level of tolerance for crowd choose your best time to travel.

I reached Paris right at the beginning of June and was lucky enough to enjoy a wonderful weather with best of the both worlds. The rains soothed the soul and the sun caressed the historical facades.

As I figured out my way to the correct metro connection, which was quite a walk with luggages, I finally land myself into THE HOTELPhoto of MY SPRINGTIME PARIS 1/3 by Sanjana . I preferred to chose a HOTEL AROUNDPhoto of MY SPRINGTIME PARIS 2/3 by Sanjana  the corner of Eiffel Tower and later discovered that there were benefits of the same, first being that you are close to the beautiful Seine river and secondly all the other significant attractions are situated along the banks of this river.

There are many options of HOTELSPhoto of MY SPRINGTIME PARIS 3/3 by Sanjana  ranging from two to four stars to choose from in an around the vicinity of the tower. And transportation is not an issue at all as it is very well connected with metro and RER.

As I checked in to my room with a view of the mighty iron lattice tower, I couldn’t wait to visit it. As the rain stopped and the sun gleamed to its glory, I knew that this is the best time to have a bird’s eye view of Paris. I head off to my first destination – Eiffel Tower.

A word of Caution- Whichever station you are in Paris, be extremely careful/cautious about your belongings because it is notorious destination when it comes to pickpocketing and snatching.

If you happen to enter Paris by rail from another International destination( for me it was Amsterdam), then you are most likely to reach Gare Du Nord station. At the very first sight it could seem very intimidating, owing to the fact that it is one of the six large terminus stations and offers connections with several urban transportation lines, including Paris Metro, RER and buses. Well don’t worry you are not alone, there are hoards of tourists haggling over the map to figure their way out. The first thing do is to go to the tourist information counter and let them know your destination and they would very clearly guide you through the maze of the station and help you board the correct transport. And it is advisable to always keep the map handy.
Photo of Gare du Nord, Rue de Dunkerque, Paris, France by Sanjana