Night trekking to Sahyadri #NearDeathExperience

10th Nov 2019
Day 1

Really it was the last night of ours. But fortunately we marked safe with our random decision.

Winter 2018, That day me and my friend Amol went on trekking to unknowns place at first time. We didn't know anything about that trek. But with previous trekking experience and knowledge we started to hike. We almost done it but unfortunately sunset happned to early and fogs are starting to spread out.

We had already decided to make a stay at too of the mountain and speed whole night in the deep forest with peace. But after sunset while searching the mountain peak we lost the path, but we are unaware about that.

After some time around 9:00 pm visibility was totally down because of fog. We are hardly able to see next 5-6 feet distance only. In this condition we moved ahead but feel it is to risky. After some time we feel that direction of wind is changed so we decided to put a tend there only rather than moving ahead. And we spend whole night over there.

At morning when we woke up and see the scene what was in front, and we just wordless. Because at night where we stayed from that place only on 50 feet there was a 2000 feet vertical kada. Which we didn't seen at night. And if we didn't decided to stay there only at night then next we will be in that valley. That was the most #NearDeathExperience of our life.

So whatever is, just listen to sign of nature because nature is telling everything to us before make it happen.

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Photo of Harishchandragad, Maharashtra by MECHYORA

#neardeathexperience #kokankada

Photo of Harishchandragad, Maharashtra by MECHYORA