Ready, Set -Woah- Mind could have ruined this weekend but my heart stood by :) 

26th Jan 2018

Sai Dham

Photo of Ready, Set -Woah- Mind could have ruined this weekend but my heart stood by :) by Anshu

So the year started with new resolutions and promises to self 12 months - 12 trip , yoga and gym and good food etc etc , It was just after this Goa trip when my friend called , Let's meet and decide for a trip & em a kind who would not say NO to a catch up and trip plans .... This is wot is always there on my mind ... The plan was to go to some near by hill station everything was on track but for some sudden reasons i had to say no for the trip ...

But the task was to ensure that i don't sped all three days at home ..of course the Republic day weekend .

In between i had sent few msgs to my friends to understand " what does solo means to them " alright got almost the same answers ... " Going Alone out of the house " " Single " " Go shopping alone " " be independent " " Don't wait much for people to come forward and do it alone " alright nothing seemed really interesting to me , Then i realized when did i go solo ..I guess it started from a gol-gappa stall where i went few year back to have Gol Gappas alone for me everything starts with small steps , Afterwards it become a routine for me , Going "Solo; for shopping eating , movies ohhh the pune trip also i roamed alone.

So these three days i decided to go for local visits or the places i have never been or i would love to go .

Friday : Sai dham & Galaria market and a bit of shopping

Saturday : Roots cafe & Padmavat movie

Sunday : Saket , Champa gali

Day 1

After a sound sleep i got ready and started for one of the place where i find peace " Sai dham". I reached on a right time when there was very less crowd and i had time to sit and pray .

about 7 years back shivani took me there from that time onwards i ensure i go to this place once in a month at least .

I love the environment and the fragrance of Tulsi , Its neat & clean , without any noise. you can spend sometime alone , prey , Meditate . The garden beautifully made for the visitors. whenever i go there i restore myself .

As Galaria is near by i headed towards that , lot of people around me know i love experimenting food & i love D'paul coffee and momos , I could not find best Momos than this place and then Chacha khan's rolls aaye haayee . I spent about an hour or so got everything packed and came to the center of the market where the fountain is , Lucky i got a bench empty and sat there . This was one of the best evening time i have spent in Jan .

Day 2

Saturday : The planing of Saturday started Friday night itself when i decided dude i am not gonna sit home . As soon as i woke up i headed to roots cafe , i have been there only once before & this place is always full had to wait for couple of mins to get a table . Time being i took a long walk in the park and saw kids playing and remembered my childhood which was not really that fun but its okay , let's come on food . I got a call and got a table as this was almost brunch time , I ordered for Mushroom Tikki , Coconut lassi with some kokam & choco- lava , I was not in a hurry coz it was about 2 hours to my movie . I enjoyed the view and the food , I got the ticket booked through a friend to ensure a right corner seat. I enjoyed the movie looking at the efforts all the character had done. I did not dig myself in the history much concentrated on Enjoying most , On my way i got a sub-way packed and came home with a smiling face .

Day 3

Sunday it was all gread up that i will stay home and clean the house , I finished all my work around 1 and this saket champa Gali was on my mind from couple of days the i thought why not to go ..I did some R&D , where to eat , where to shop etc. and went there . It took almost an hour to reach there but all worthed when i saw the ambiance , i had less time and i had some 3-4 places in my list .

eating / Reading / craft and wooden shops this place is full of all kinds. i landed in "The reading Room " where you can donate some books , in replacement they will treat you with tea and cookies , you can spend you fine time reading a book " this initiative is started by Ms. Rekha " I loved the concept , Spent some time paid for the tea and headed Tokai Coffee and had dark caramal and choclate coffee with nuts Brownee ...As i had to come back to GGN, I took a long walk to the lane and saw amazing cafes , handy craft shops and there was one of the woman NGO as well who sells all hand makes all handmade products .

As soon as i reached home , I wanted to out this all in my diary but the i thought to share it with all of you .

The definition of Solo doesn't end on " Alone " , Its more to do with how much do you enjoy your own company the way you enjoy , Laugh , cheer with your friends and family ... Once in a month or as in when you have time , Talk to yourself , Take yourself on a long walk , Listen to the music of your heart , Run with your self , Love yourself, Watch movie , go on a second level " Go for a Trip " ......

Em not sure what it means for you ? Find out ...

I will come back soon with new trip letter till then ..

Explore the hidden gems within you ,

Keep Shining , Keep Smiling & Keep Travelling

Love ,