Scrambled trip to rajasthan on new year

30th Dec 2017
Day 1

So, this is my first time writing about my trip and on the plus point my vocab is also not that good. Hence, ignore the unusual mistakes.
This is about last year in the December end when me and my friends were planning for a trip to goa but like we all know that in india every circle of friends make plans for that  dream trip to goa but only 1% of them get executed. So me and my other two freaky friends decided to go to jaipur at first where we will reach at 31 December to witness the mesmerising beauty of pink city and for the club parties of course and then will head over To ajmer to give our new year a spiritual start.
I'm from Jhansi(Uttar Pradesh) and the nearby airport is like 300kms away so we decided to go by train because we are not rich either.

Day 1-all set to leave the place, we reached the station and left jhansi via train which is only single train from jhansi to jaipur which runs everyday from and for the same stations and the travelling can take upto 12hrs for you to finally reach jaipur. We left at noon and reached there around midnight. We came out of the Jaipur station and now the only task in front of us was to find shelter as Jaipur gets freaky cold in winter. The weather was bone-chilling. There are many hotels right outside the station but our task was to find the cheapest one and luckily we found one. 600rs./per room was the rate and let me tell you that the hotel wasn't at all bad. Decent room with comfy bed and bathroom toilet attached. So this way our 30th december end.

Day 2

Ahhh.. Morning is here and it's 31st of the year end. I was feeling excited and got ready early while kicking my friends butt to wake them up. I had my morning tea and breakfast right outside the hotel while my friends got ready. Took our needed things for the way and left from the hotel.
Now do pay attention if you are planning to visit jaipur and know nothing about it.
Right after we left from hotel and started searching for the proper means of travel to roam around jaipur. The taxiwala's came to our rescue in the disguise of a tripguide😐. The carry a little piece of slip over which the names of places to visit are written and they give you rates accordingly. Some said 1500 for 3three people to visit 10places including hawa mahal, amer fort, jantar mantar and the bazaars of jaipur. My plan was to go bhangarh as i have a crazy vibe for that place so we decided to roam around jaipur first and then visit bhangarh but little did we know that reaching bhangarh is not child's play. So finally by using our bargaining skills we hired a autowala uncle in 700rs. To take us around jaipur and guys let me let you it's a trap and you will understand when the story unfolds.
So we left from there and the first place we decided to go was amer fort because it's a little outside the city and we thought to finish it first and then comeback to visit other places. The autowala gave a evil grin which i noticed but didn't understood. We left at 11am in the morning and reached there in half hour and only god knows how much crowded the place was. It's a new year time and the amount of travellers was more than ever. Although amer fort is really a place to witness. Amber fort is situated on the top of a hill and you will see the scenic beauty of Maota lake and the forest covering it nearby. It took us 3hrs to completely visit the fort and now i also understood the secret behind that evil grin of our autowala. He knew that amber fort takes time to reach and visit in comparison to the places inside the city. Anyway we got done from there at 3pm and left for the city. We went to hawa mahal, jantar mantar which were all crowded like hell. During our ride i asked the autowala the whereabouts of Bhangarh on which he told told it's long from here and it can take upto 1-2hrs to reach there. The earliest bus for bhangarh leaves jaipur station at 8am
And the last bus from bhangarh to jaipur is at 4pm and after that there would be no means of travel unless you are travelling by your own vehicles or some rented car or bike. Needless to say we dropped the plan.
At last we spent our evening around jal mahal and left for the hotel. Do notice this that we gave autowala 700rs. For 10places and we only visited 3-4 places. I told you it's a trap and we fell for it. So, this is how our day ended and now the time is for party. There is a new thing i found out about jaipur that day which is there wine shops getting closed at 8. No matter what there would be no open wine shop after 8pm and the only ways you can get the booze is either in the club or in blacksale. So i suggest to keep your liquor options handy if you like drinking.
So this is how our 31st almost got done, we went out to enjoy some nightlife at the place. The first name we came up with was WTP- WORLD TRADE PARK. A hugest of shopping mall in jaipur which turned into the hottest party spot for the night. Damn those hot chicks man! I could clearly see my rejection in there eyes. The place was absolute fun on 31st night. The new year was about to begin and my nerves were bursting out of excitement. That night was amazing. Clock rung 12 and the whole mall got filled with the cheers and loud shouting of HAPPYYYY NEWWWWW YEAARRR. Me and my guys were totally exhausted now because of the tiring day we had and our work hasn't finished yet. Now we needed to rush back to the hotel to leave for ajmer so that we can reach there early morning. This is how day 2 ended...

Day 3

Happy new year 2018 to you all. New day has started and its half past midnight now and these morons are totally dead i thought to myself while puffing on my newly made joint. After a long buzzing in there ears they gained back there senses and realised the task which is yet to be done. We quickly took our bags and left for the station. Jaipur-ajmer are not very far from each other so the trains are quiet frequent. You can take the bus too if you want.
Said goodbye to jaipur and we left for the final round of our new year trip. It took us almost 3hrs to reach ajmer by train as due to the foggy whether trains were running slow.
Finally at 7 in the morning we reached ajmer to give our NEW YEAR a SPIRITUAL START.
Right outside the outside you will see many autowalas who will take you to AJMER SHARIF DARGAH in 50-100 ruppes. It depends on your clothes for them to give you the right price and let me tell you that those fucking morons can't be trusted with any damn thing. No matter how sweet they act these fucking creeps will turn your brain into shit in a matter of seconds. I knew this already but my dumbfuck friends were in a mood to try there own luck. Remember this that ajmer sharif dargah is on a 5min walking distance from station and at first i also suggested my friends to go by walking but NOOOO.. THEY WERE ADAMANT ON THERE DECISION TO GO BY AUTO. Finally i said okay to them and the auto wala gave them a deal that he shall take us to dargah in 100ruppess and that he shall find us a hotel too which if we don't like then we can find hotel on our own and that's where we went wrong. He took us to the hotel which obviously we didn't liked and just when i tried to give autowala his 100 rupees he refused by saying that he kept a condition that if we choose the hotel he has taken us to then only he will take 100rupees because that way he can get 100-200 more from the hotel owner by bringing them customers to which i became angry that he hasn't told us anything about that and he is doing a fraud. Little did he know that i'm not going to give him any extra money even if that turns into a fight. After a long debate and hot verbal exchange which could have turned into a fist fight if the locals won't have interfered we left from there giving him his 100 and found a hotel on our own at a reasonable price. If you planning your own trip then please do not trust auto drivers. Everyone is just doing fraud whether by brain or by brawl. Anyway, we left from there and found us a hotel and after an hour we left for dargah. Finally i have my peace of mind back. Ajmer sharif dargah is one of the most amazing place i have ever been to. Even in the crowd of thousand all my mind can feel is peace. As a muslim undoubtedly i like visiting dargahs and other spiritual places but above all i love being in ajmer sharif. Me and my friends went inside and found ourself a khadim. If you don't know what khadim is then these are mens in big dargah who claim to be the worker there. More like a spiritually connected one who can take you inside the resting place of sufi saint and can help you get a more thorough ziyarat(visit) of dargah. It might cost you a little bit but that way you don't have to go through a long cue of visitors. So i offered a khadim 300 rupees and he took us all inside the dargah and told us a lot about the place. After getting done from dargah we left for NARELI JAIN MANDIR as one of my friend is Jain and he wanted to visit the temple.
Now, nareli jain mandir is one of the most important place in jainism. Fully made up of marble Nareli jain mandir is one of its own kind. Hugely made temple in white marble, Beautiful garden and a big premises which can hold atleast 10000 people inside is really a place to visit. We reached nareli jain temple from ajmer by bus which you can get easily from the main road outside station. Just when i was about to enter the temple premises the security checking asked for our ID proof. Needless to say to let my jain friend go and kept me on hold. I assured them that i'm not here to blow anything😂 and my friend told them that we are together and i'm not a terrorist either😁. So this way we got inside, paid our tribute to bhagwan and left from the temple. Now we needed to get back to ajmer as there are many places still left to visit.
After reaching back my mood was totally in for the safari and visting pushkar but my friends are on the other hand don't share the same enthusiasm of travellust. So i told them to wait in that 10x10 hotel room until i come back. I left from there and reached a local bus stop from where i got a bus for pushkar. They charge only 50bucks for that. I reached pushkar after a rumbling ride in that bus in 1hour. If you really want to take a deep look into rajasthani culture and their ancestors mark then you must visit pushkar for that. Markets are full of variety of thing. From lamps to necklace everything reminding you of history. After an hour long here n there into that market i left for safari. The only thing i needed to find now is a camel and a guy who knows how to ride it. 😂
I reached near safari point after asking from locals. The guy told me its 1500 for the baggi ride and 1000 for camel ride. If you don't know what baggi is then its more like a bullockcart only to be lifted by camel and not bulls. Sorry, even i don't know how to explain it correctly although you can have the idea by now what it really was. So, it's 1000 eh! Too much for me so i brought my superpowers in use inherited from my mother which is bargaining. Yay!
Brought down the price by half and after a little more effort he agreed to take me in 400, Now thats some price. I have never rode a camel before i didn't knew it's a lot uncomfortable. Anyway i left for the desert, the guy sitting behind me controlling the camel and me taking selfies and zoomed view of desert. If you have seen karan arjun then you would have remembered the RANA ki haweli, it's in the same place. He showed me rana ki haweli, jaamun ke baag and then we entered into desert. Finally paisa wasool ho rhaa tha mera. Reached at there resting point in the middle of the desert. Enjoyed myself for a while and then we left on our wayback. In our way he took me in a little village sort of Place which is famous for it's sword market. I thought of buying one but it wasn't possible for me to take that into train so i took a click with one of it and eased my heart's unnecessary demand. Now it's evening time and the sun was getting real low so i needed to rush back hotel so that i can reach station on time.
I took that guy's number so that next time i dont have to use my superpowers on someone else to bring down the price. Left from pushkar the same way i came here. After reaching ajmer i called my friends who were at ANA SAGAR LAKE. So i reached directly there and after spending some time near the lake point which felt quite soothing to me after my whole hectic trip. And then from there we reached back hotel, i visited Dargah once more, did my evening prayer and left. So this way my whole trip went amazing.
If you are visiting rajasthan then DO NOT TRUST AUTOWALAS. Plan your trip and your places to visit with the help of ALMIGHTY GOOGLE.
Will see you soon.

Photo of Scrambled trip to rajasthan on new year by Shoeb Khan

Amer fort

Photo of Scrambled trip to rajasthan on new year by Shoeb Khan

Pushkar safari

Photo of Scrambled trip to rajasthan on new year by Shoeb Khan


Photo of Scrambled trip to rajasthan on new year by Shoeb Khan


Photo of Scrambled trip to rajasthan on new year by Shoeb Khan

Ajmer sharif dargah

Photo of Scrambled trip to rajasthan on new year by Shoeb Khan
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