Best Photo Spots in Santorini!

Photo of Best Photo Spots in Santorini! by Aditi Mutyapwar

Santorini is one of the most iconic and easily recognized islands in all of Greece. It has the reputation for dazzling panoramas, the white cliffside buildings, brilliant blue domes, romantic sunsets and volcanic-sand beaches. It's hardly surprising the island features on so many travellers' bucket lists and all of this creates a picture-perfect paradise!

While it is difficult to find a "bad" photo spot in Santorini, there are some locations that stand above the rest.

Discover our top photo locations in Santorini:

1. The Blue Domes in Oia

Everyone wants to take that picture of the famous 3 blue domes. Santorini has dozens of blue-domed churches, but there's only ONE place where you can take that famous picture which you usually find in the postcards! And well even google maps don't work when it comes to finding these postcard spots!

Spot 1:

Where: With the Ekklisia Panagia Platsani behind you, turn RIGHT and head down the street. Turn to the left in the alley just before Bvlgari Alexandros jewelry shop and then turn left or right at the junction and will that perfect views!

If you prefer, here are the GPS coordinates: 36.461245, 25.375832.

Photo of Best Photo Spots in Santorini! 1/11 by Aditi MutyapwarPhoto of Best Photo Spots in Santorini! 2/11 by Aditi Mutyapwar

Spot 2: Anastasi Church

The stunning Blue Domed Greek Orthodox church is one of the most iconic and photographed churches in the world. It is worth taking a few moments here to sit and enjoy the amazing views of the Caldera with these beautiful Blue Domes in front of you.

Where: Anastasi Church - walk ahead more on the same path as of Bvlgari Alexandros shop and turn left just before Pelekanos Restaurant!

Photo of Best Photo Spots in Santorini! 3/11 by Aditi Mutyapwar

2. Sunset at Oia

The sunset in Santorini is considered one of the most famous sunsets worldwide and people from all over the world visit Santorini in order to photograph it and, most of all, to cherish it. It is such an iconic, bucket-list-type experience that this magical hour of the day makes everything look even more beautiful and idyllic.

Where: The best place to sit and enjoy the sunset is from the Oia Castle. From here you can gaze the most scenic settlement unfolding with a backdrop of impressive volcano across the sparkling Aegean Sea and the dreamy horizon.

Photo of Best Photo Spots in Santorini! 4/11 by Aditi MutyapwarPhoto of Best Photo Spots in Santorini! 5/11 by Aditi Mutyapwar

3. Skaros Rock

Santorini is one of the great natural wonders of the world, and one of the wonders of Santorini is without a doubt The Skaros Rock. Scenic view of Agios Georgios church with Skaros rock in background is the most dramatic place I have ever been to!

Where: Agios Georgios church, Imerovigli

Photo of Best Photo Spots in Santorini! 6/11 by Aditi MutyapwarPhoto of Best Photo Spots in Santorini! 7/11 by Aditi Mutyapwar

4. Red Beach

Part of what makes Santorini so unique is that it has red sand, black sand, and white sand beaches. I've seen white sand beaches in Maldives, black sand beaches in Italy, but before Santorini, I had never seen a red sand beach! Akrotiri is home to Santorini's famous red-sand beach. The contrast of the blue water with the reddish-brown sand and cliffside is truly stunning!

Photo of Best Photo Spots in Santorini! 8/11 by Aditi MutyapwarPhoto of Best Photo Spots in Santorini! 9/11 by Aditi Mutyapwar

5. Bouganvilleas

This pretty flower is everywhere you go in Santorini. The most photogenic one hangs near this rope ladder and this beautiful bike in one of the most luxurious parts of Oía, just in front of the Katikies hotel.

Where: Passagio Bites & Drinks, Nik. Nikomikou.

Photo of Best Photo Spots in Santorini! 10/11 by Aditi Mutyapwar

Photo of Best Photo Spots in Santorini! 11/11 by Aditi Mutyapwar

Santorini travel tips:

Stay in Oia or Fira: Our experience in Santorini would definitely not have been nearly as special, had we not stayed in our luxurious caledera collection hotel in Fira and we loved relaxing in our room with the stunning views. Waking up to the views over the caldera and watching the sun set from our personal terrace is simply unforgettable.

There is a reason the hotels in Oia and Fira are expensive, they offer some of the best views and infinity pools of all the hotels on the island.

Our Hotel: Volcano View Hotel, Fira

Visit in the shoulder-season: August is the most expensive month and temperature are quite high too, so if you can arrange for a visit in May, June September or October, you will save lot of your expenses.

Explore Santorini and not just Oia: Oia is beautiful, but it's not the only part of the island that is worth the visit. Imerovigli has a wonderful view, but less visited places like Akrotiri also offer amazing photo opportunities.

Rent a Car/ATV: As the buses are infrequent and the taxis are expensive. A rental car will allow you to get to the various photo locations on the island quickly and easily. In Santorini the smaller the car the better, as parking is limited and the roads can be very narrow. We found driving on the island to be safe and the roads are good. ATV rental is another popular option in Santorini.

Avoid cruises: Try to avoid cruise ships specially if you're visiting Oia. They go in groups and it's quite difficult to walk in narrow streets.

Prepare for crowds during sunset in Oia: The crowds in Oia for sunset were some of the busiest we've ever experienced. If you want to enjoy the sunset view from the castle, take into account that you may need to arrive at least 2 or 3 hours in advance to grab a perfect seat. The great news is that the majority of the people leave right after the sunset and that is the best moment to take the pictures in the golden hour. Plan to do most of your shooting during these times.

Don't wear heels: Use comfortable shoes as Santorini is full of cobbled streets. Especially if you plan to trek to Skaros Rock.

Do check out our post about How to take couple photos while traveling!

And last but not the least, You're in Santorini! So do not forget to leave the camera for few hours a day to enjoy your holiday - that should be your priority! Enjoy to the fullest and if you cannot take all the pictures you planned... I'm sure you have created the best memories ????

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