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This Picturesque, Isolated Homestay In Tirthan Valley Is What Vacation Dreams Are Made Of

Imagine unwinding at a small rusty cottage while the mist and cloud come knocking at your windows. Holding several such tranquil and enchanting places in its womb, the sprawling Himalayas serve as just the right getaway to put one's feet up in our lives filled with haste.

Photos of Tirthan Valley, Pekhri, Himachal Pradesh, India 1/2 by Tanishka Goel
Photos of Tirthan Valley, Pekhri, Himachal Pradesh, India 2/2 by Tanishka Goel

Right in the middle of the picturesque Tirthan Valley, Tirthan Stream Spirit Homestay is an isolated homestay that will give you all the pleasures of the hills without drilling a hole in your pocket. The riverside retreat of Tirthan is blessed with nature's wealth. Situated at a height of 1600 m above sea level, the valley is enchantingly beautiful with the frothy, white River Tirthan flowing through it. The homestay is located right beside the river to allow you to hear the gushing of the waters all day. A local and a certified mountaineer, Naresh, owns the place and ensures that you experience the hills in the most local and authentic way while staying with him.

Ideal For

Photos of  1/1 by Tanishka Goel

Intrigued travellers who are on the lookout for an authentic experience amidst the hills, away from the chaos of the city. If your idea of a vacation includes peace and solitude while luxuriating in the beauty of the hills, then Tirthan Stream Spirit Homestay is your best pick.

Why Should You Visit

In times when overcrowding is the fate of popular hill stations, Tirthan Stream Spirit Homestay is a gem well-hidden from the world. Nestled in green forests and tranquil mountains, this homestay can only be reached by crossing the cascading Tirthan in a metal basket hanging from a pulley. The ride is an adventure in itself as you feel the water splash against your little metal bucket.

Photos of  1/2 by Tanishka Goel
Photos of  2/2 by Tanishka Goel

At the homestay, you can either choose from the two bedrooms in the house or get the complete camping experience by choosing to pitch tents by the river. If stargazing interests you, camping by the river would be our recommendation. Once settled in, you can indulge in numerous activities like fishing, trekking, hiking, bonfires and waterfall rappelling at a nearby hidden waterfall. Naresh, the owner, is a certified angler and mountaineer, as mentioned earlier. He will not only arrange several treks for you to embark on but also cook lip-smacking, delicious food for you. The dining hall in the house deserves special mention for it stands as an odd protrusion to the house serving as a window to the mesmerizing views while you grab a bite.

The Great Himalayan National Park is accessible via a short trek of 9 kilometers from the homestay. The park is a nature's paradise with its lush green flora and varied fauna. Recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the GHNP is one of the largest national parks in India. The Great Himalayan National Park is surrounded by brilliant peaks on all sides and is home to the densest population of Himalayan species.

Bird-watching at Tirthan Valley

Photos of Tirthan Valley, Nagini, Himachal Pradesh, India 1/1 by Tanishka Goel

Home to several species of birds, the valley serves as one of the best bird watching destinations in Himachal Pradesh. A walk into the dense coniferous forests will allow you to spot rare pheasants. The place is a delight for bird enthusiasts.

Local sightseeing of a hidden waterfall

A few kilometers from Gushaini, a waterfall awaits you hidden amidst the forested valley. The owner will gladly accompany you in your trek to the waterfall. The existence of this wonderful waterfall is known only to the locals. You can sit by the tiny waterfall and simply enjoy the ethereal experience.

Photos of  1/2 by Tanishka Goel
Photos of  2/2 by Tanishka Goel

Cuisine on Offer

River Tirthan is one of the less explored fishing camps in India. The pristine glacial waters of the river are home to an abundant population of rainbow and brown trout. Though all the dishes prepared by the owners are worth savouring, fresh trout prepared with a pahadi recipe is a must-have while staying there. You don't get a lot of options in food because it is home-cooked by the owners but the dishes that they do prepare are absolutely delectable.

Getting There

Tirthan Valley is easily accessible by all means of transport.

By Rail: The nearest railway stations to Tirthan are Ambala and Kiratpur, both of which are well-connected with other cities by a rail network. Once at these stations, you can take a taxi to the valley.

By Road: To get to Tirthan Valley, you will need to board a bus to AUT which is only 26 kilometers from the valley. From there you can board the bus going to Gushaini and get off at Bari Ropa where Mr Naresh will come to pick you up. Otherwise, you can also take a cab from AUT/Bari Ropa.

By Flight: The closest airport is Bhuntar, 35 kilometers away. Book a cab from there to the valley.

Priced at only INR 2,831 for rooms while INR 836 for tents, the place will untether you from all the worries of your worldly urban life. Book now!

All images are taken from Tirthan Stream Spirit Home Stay and Camp.

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