Road trip to Mahabaleshwar - Panchgani Day 1

3rd Feb 2018
Photo of Road trip to Mahabaleshwar - Panchgani Day 1 by Yuvan Kumar

The day to leave Hyderabad has finally come because we are leaving to our destinations.

Day 1



Our road trip started early morning 6:00Am with my friends leaving the state borders of Telangana, as the sun was rising and moving ahead in search of breakfast .... trust me there are no such good restaurants on the way.

Rising sun

Photo of Rising sun by Yuvan Kumar

The road conditions are not so good(ride carefully).

As we move ahead we crossed Telangana and entered Karnataka and time was around 9 -10 am.

bad roads

Photo of bad roads by Yuvan Kumar

The road conditions are not so good(ride carefully). The hunger starts and hunting for restaurants finally we made some dhaba type restaurant had our breakfast and resumed our trip.

On the way we came across Naldurg Fort. The oldest fort was looking so good from outside with high walls.

Naldurg Fort

Photo of Naldurg Fort by Yuvan Kumar

We entered Maharashtra and reached Solapur which was satisfying as we completed around 300Kms and the time was around 12Pm

The road from Solapur to Mahabaleshwar was good hopefully. We got on Solapur - Pune Expressway which was smooth and drive was crazy.

The drive was smooth but a twist came in our trip because we are following Google Maps that was not great but the path suggested by Google Maps was literally worst, only single lane roads.

Single lane

Photo of Single lane by Yuvan Kumar

It has diverted our path from smooth road to worst road, some how crossing all the obstacles we are moving we are searching for lunch and reached some place called Phaltan. In search for food we had a city tour of Phaltan and saw a place not so good but no option so had our lunch(Puri, Misal Pav).

We had our food and left because we are getting late more 100kms to cover so we started. After sometime we didn't expect this is what gonna happen and guess what did we see..






Plateau above us.!

Photo of Plateau above us.! by Yuvan Kumar

It was like the hills are above us, moving ahead the road has became so widen 100-120ft road that to 1-way is the best. The twists and turns of the roads are awesome. The driving experience you will feel like Awww.. As this is the sign of "You're about to reach your awaiting destination".

As we decided to watch the places on the way, we started with Sydney Point.

At Sydney Point

Photo of At Sydney Point by Yuvan Kumar

View from Sydney Point

Photo of View from Sydney Point by Yuvan Kumar

Sydney Point view with Dhom Dam

Photo of Sydney Point view with Dhom Dam by Yuvan Kumar

The spectacular place is surrounded by the hills with Dhom Dam which is the best valley view. The cool breeze makes us to stay for some more time but as we have to leave we moved to another place.

The next place "Table Land" here we come.

The Table land is a vast stretch of land. The land is so big that you may take horse or doli which gives you a feel of looking the valleys from the land.

Sunny view from Table Land

Photo of Sunny view from Table Land by Yuvan Kumar

By the way we didn't take any transportation , we walked and to have real time experience. FYI There is a cave under table land which is accessible.


Photo of Horse by Yuvan Kumar

Monkey trying to take

Photo of Monkey trying to take by Yuvan Kumar

Without delaying we moved to another place ..............

By the time we reached Parsi Point is was around 5:00Pm. The sun was going down to end the day, but we enjoyed our last destination for the day by watching the sun is about to hide behind the hills.

Parsi Point

Photo of Parsi Point by Yuvan Kumar

It's took steep to see down. From this place you can watch out another hills. As there you will have binoculars to see.

After 13hours of journey we reached Mahabaleshwar it was a happy feeling -_- .




Day 2 :) is on the way stay connected. If you want to know anything more about the trip Comment down,Like and share.

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