7 places to go after COVID19

Photo of 7 places to go after COVID19 by pranav

Everyone is eagerly waiting to end this COVID19 pandemic and go out to enjoy exotic locations which we have thought during lockdown.

Well, it is not that difficult to decide where to go just after this. Here is a short list I have prepared which will help you make the trip plan.

7. Sri lanka:

From the ancient times, Sri Lanka has been most attractive destination for tourists and it still has well preserved natural beauty. Getting visa to Sri Lanka is not that difficult and travelling inside sri lanka is cheap as compared to American or European Destinations.

6. Indonesia:

Recently Indonesia has gained a lot of popularity due to its exotic locations as well as devotional locations. Some places in Indonesia like Bali, Ubud are famous among couples and families and you can also think of getting there. Same like Sri Lanka, Indonesia has a small value to its currency and it gets more affordable to tourists.

5. Finland:

Finland is at the north part of Europe and apart from Helsinki, very few cities are not well known to people. But, if you go there at the end of this year, then you can see some very beautiful things like northern lights and snow cap cities. Some cafes there are at such locations that one should not miss going there.

4. Panama:

Panama city is famous because of a canal which separates america and africa and considered as a very important channel for sea transportation. But apart from that canal and because of this rush, panama city is developed and it has some real beauty. 

3. Namibia:

Namibia is one if the poorest country of African Union. The long spread desert and the special tribe culture will definitely attract a lot of people. The important thing of going there is to see how they live despite of such less technological benefits and it helps you understand how you can survive with less technology even in this century. Going there is also a different level of experience, you can experience living in deserts, driving long way without seeing anyone on the roads and see wildlife.

2. Bolivia:

A long spread salt lake and not so experienced beauty of nature is a must while thinking of going somewhere undiscovered. Although going bolivia is very difficult but trust me once you cracked the way you will not regret going there and tell everyone about your experience.

1. Scotland:

Although it is very difficult to get visa for scotland but after this pandemic gets over, Britain will be opened for tourists and trust me this is one hell of a destination and full of surprises. From natural beauty, road trips to wine tasting and famous whisky tours. You will love every bit of scotland.

I hope you will plan something and do let me know if you find some other place more interesting than this.