My Journey of 20 Cities in 11 Countries in 30 days across Europe #Backpacking #solotravel #europe

20th Sep 2019
Photo of My Journey of 20 Cities in 11 Countries in 30 days across Europe #Backpacking #solotravel #europe by pranav

Europe, a continent soulful of wonder, filled with ancient architecture that one can experience with 44 different countries within (at least those are in typical schengen visa), which are so close together with incredibly different from one another.

I have spent my 4 months in Europe during my Erasmus Student Exchange Program. I visited 20 cities in 11 Countries from those gigantic pool of Architecture in European Continent. I have gained a lot of knowledge about european culture, travel hacks in foreign countries and how to plan a budget trip.

What I love about Europe is, its stunning architecture in every city, local food tastes and endless opportunities to learn and evolve. I will take you to my journey of lifetime memories (at least till now) to the most beautiful continent on earth, Europe.

Day 2
Day 3

On the next weekend, I went to closest international city from Maribor, Graz which is in Austria. Graz is also a small town like Maribor but a lot of tourist population and an architecture of castle and bell tower. It took just 8 hours for me to see the whole Graz and by evening I was back to Maribor.

Photo of Graz, Austria by pranav
Day 4

I started from Zagreb which is 3 hours away from Maribor. So, in the morning around 8 am, I took Flixbus towards Zagreb. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and is in the north part. Croatia is famous for its coastal region and a national park but Zagreb is famous for its architecture. Zagreb has a biggest cathedral and church in Croatia. I enjoyed my whole day in Zagreb hopping from one cathedral to other church and watching street arts in the midway. At night I went to an Indian Restaurant in Zagreb to have a dinner. And then , I took flixbus for my next destination.

Day 5

Day 2 of my 4 days trip was from Budapest. I reached Kolenberg Station in Budapest at around 5 am. As every hotel or hostel has a checkin around 1 PM. So, I freshened up at a public washroom and started my day off to see my First Bucket List City, Budapest. Budapest is a capital of Hungary and full of happening places around and best nightlife one can have in Europe with very less limitations.

Day 6

During 2 days stay in Budapest, I saw a lot of famous places like Buda Castle, Pest Square, Thermal Bath, Heroes Square, and famous New York Cafe.

Day 5
Day 6
Day 1

It all started when I took a flight from New Delhi, India towards Ljubljana, a capital of Slovenia. Slovenia is a very small country but a have a very strong connection with history from world 2 and era of dragons.

As I was staying in Maribor, North side of Slovenia for my Erasmus Program, I started exploring Europe from there. Maribor is a very small town but a lot of enthusiasm and best place for safe and endless parties.

I went on a slovenia trip with ESN network towards south part of slovenia, where I saw Capital City Ljubljana, Postajna Caves, Bled Lake and Port area Piran. It was a very wonderful trip and within 3 days, I saw south part of slovenia.

Day 7

Day 4 of 4 day trip started from Vienna. Vienna is a capital of Austria and one of the biggest cities in Europe and its almost at the centre of Europe. Vienna has a traverse of both new as well as old architecture.

Day 8

In November, I went to Frankfurt. This was my first time in Germany. I learned German Language in college as a foreign language So I heard a lot about the culture and people in Germany. Actually I went in november because there was Black Friday at that time. I did a lot of shopping including my vlogging camera.

Day 9

From Frankfurt I took a train towards Mainz District to see 500 year old and first printing machine in Gutenberg Museum.

Day 11

Then in last week of december, during Christmas Holidays, I made another plan of 9 days trip towards north part of Europe. I took flight from Vienna to Stockholm. Stockholm is the capital of sweden, one of my favourite countries. I stayed in Stockholm for 3 days. Stockholm is called string of islands, as stockholm has thousands of small islands like gamla stan, archeapalega and so on...

Day 12
Day 13
Day 14

I experienced my first train journey in Europe from Stockholm going towards Copenhagen. It was a whole night journey and I had to change the train at Lund, Sweden. Finally I reached Copenhagen around 10 AM. I went directly to my hostel, checked in, freshened up and started my exploration in Copenhagen.

Day 15

2 Days I spent in Copenhagen to see a drastic cultural difference from European cities but the architectural uniqueness remains the same.

Day 16

After Copenhagen, I drove to Berlin in Flixbus. Berlin is a capital of Germany and the authentic German things you can truly observe here.

Day 17

Then on 7th day, I took a bus again to reach Prague. Prague is a very beautiful destination in Czech Republic. The beauty of Prague lies in its beautiful castle and its nightlife. you can have a free vacation in prague with no restrictions. The buildings here gives a very ancient feeling.

Day 26

On the last leg of my Europe tour, In january I went to Italy. Starting from Venice, I went to Florence to see the famous David Michelangelo Statue and the cathedral.

Day 27

From Florence, I took a regional train towards Pisa. Pisa has a world famous architecture of Leaning Tower.

Day 28

From Pisa, I went to Rome. Rome has a very long history of architectural excellence with one of the 7 wonders of the world, Roman Colosseum. Apart from Roman Colosseum, there is Roman Forum and it shows the whole roman dynasty.

Day 29

Just inside rome is a world's smallest country, Vatican City. It is a very small and it takes just 7 hours to see the whole country and 30 minutes to walk past the country. vatican City is famous for the presence of Pope there.

Day 30

From Rome, I went to dream country but not a European Country, Switzerland. I went directly to Zurich to see the royal and richness of Swiss Culture. I did a lot of window shopping of Legitimate Swiss Items in Famous Street of Zurich. I also bought some swiss chocolates.

Just 4 hours away from Zurich is the Automobile capital of Germany, Munich. I went there to see BMW Welt, a museum, Showroom of BMW cars and Assembly plant of BMW, Mini Cooper and Rolls Royce. Also I saw Olympic Stadium.

Day 19

After a week, I got a 4 days holliday and I planned my first big trip of 3 cities in 3 countries.

I stayed in Frankfurt for about 5 days, as I was planning to go further towards Amsterdam and Belgium but then I had to cancel the plan because Frankfurt itself is a very big area for site seen. Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany and you can see a lot of Sky scrappers in Frankfurt along with ancient architecture of Haupt bahnof.

Apart from these cities, I also saw some small town in Slovenia like Ptuj, Koper, Piran and many more.

Boy off Boy, This was a nightmare for me to see this gigantic Europe and I never felt in any city that I have seen this before in any other city. Everything I saw was something different.

Follow me on my social media handles to come with me live at those amazing locations after the opening of world for tourists again.

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