7 Unique fountains that are worth your visit


Fountains have been a part of human civilization since 18th century and back then they were purely functional rather than being an object of attraction. They were used to provide drinking, bathing and washing water for the public .

Today fountains are made so spectacular that thousands of people visit them just to enjoy the truly amazing visuals they create. We have created a list of best fountains from all across the globe which you must visit at least once in your lifetime.

Bellagio Fountain , Las Vegas

Watching the choreographed light and water show is probably the only thing that you can do for free in Las Vegas. The cost for this fountain structure came close to $40 million and it is the most prominent structure in Vegas standing right in front of Bellagio. The show begins every 30 minutes and a huge crowd gathers around to witness the waterworks.

Banpo Bridge, South Korea

This bridge is located on Han river in Seoul and it turns the whole setting heavenly as the night falls. Fountains are placed in such a way, that when water flows out of the nozzles it seems like wings of the bridge. When light is infused with jet streams, you just can't take your eyes off them.

Trevi Fountain, Italy

No trip to Italy is complete without a visit to this famous fountain. Trevi Fountain has been featured in a lot of movies and known to be one of the top attractions in Rome. There is a saying associated with this fountain; if you throw a coin in you will return to Rome once again. Because of this more than €5,000 are thrown into the fountain everyday.

Fountain Metalmorphosis, USA

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina this is one of the most unique fountains around. The fountain is in the shape of a human head and it is sliced into multiple layers. The layers keep moving all the time so at only one point does it look like a human head.

Osaka Station Fountain-Clock, Japan

This is the most creative fountain of this list, in fact this may be the most creative fountain of the world. It is a fountain clock, with falling water synchronised in such a way that it makes figures. This can be categorised as art instead of a fountain.

Water Boat Fountain, Spain

Another creative and innovative fountain-cum-art piece is the Water Boat Fountain of Valencia. The structure is made in such a way that water coming out from the nozzle makes it look like a boat with a sail.

Unisphere Fountain, USA

Inaugurated as part of the World Fair back in 1964, this iconic fountain is still standing in all its glory. There is a steel structure of earth in between and fountains all around it. This iconic fountain has become the symbol of Queens, New York and has been a part of many Hollywood movies including the Men in Black.

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