My Rishikesh Tale. Solo place , pleasant memories & innumerable experiences.

6th May 2017

Adventure.Spirituality.Nature all in your bucket List ? Welcome to Rishikesh..

Photo of My Rishikesh Tale. Solo place , pleasant memories & innumerable experiences. by Jalpa Rathod Chauhan

Piping hot cuppa of Indian Masala Chai…excitement in the air..ongoing was travel discussion for the much needed break that was a long due..For the two of us..I & my Dear Hubby..

Adventure , spirituality , endless mountain ranges that is beyond the eyes to be captured , peace , trekking & hiking, all shades of our earthen elements gifted by Mother Nature , stay & explore the mythological important place of India..

Sounds Dreamy? Well , I would say, Yes at first but No, in actual this exists. All these in a bucket list and just a single Place to cover..That is the Yoga Capital of the world ...Rishikesh..

Well ,we both were not on the same page to zero in, as hubby thought of it as a spiritual destination only. But finally , I was on the winning side & Man of the house got ready..

All Set.My customized travel itinerary was ready to be followed..So, let's go for the amazing trip to this northern Indian place ..On the banks of Holy Ganges..We Reached Delhi to officially flag off the journey..

Accompany me & allow me to take you virtually there..

1. Ashram Stay

Ashram Life - One can choose Haridwar Or Rishikesh to be at, both holds many ashrams & other regular Hotels or homestays , but I recommend to experience Ashram Life here , we chose Rishikesh & Parmarth Niketan Ashram was our place ,from central point of Rishikesh we took a boat & reached Ashram on other bank as Rishikesh is divided into two parts by the water..either use Jhula or boat.

At the Ashram

Photo of Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Ram Jhula, Swarg Ashram, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by Jalpa Rathod Chauhan
Day 1

The first of its kind of experience to visit & stay, but at ashram we were warmly welcomed & being lunch time , we were advised to get freshen up & have food first & then take a rest..We followed..the satvik food was what we required after a long journey & the calm homely dining atmosphere that our soul needed..we settled in our room.Took Rest to come again for Aarti.

2. Ganga Aarti

The world Famous Ganga Aarti..we sat on the footstep on the banks & our eyes were wide open to take that ambience was a way more angelic than I heard /knew about/seen.. ..pristine clear water..pure air to breathe in..hills..holy blessings of Ganga Maiya..Satsang..Maha Yagna..Bhajan lessions by Swami chidananda saraswati ji & Sadhvi Bhagwati saraswati ji..

light a lamp , offer aarti to Holy Ganga , it certainly will remove darkness within & light of life will emerge...

Photo of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by Jalpa Rathod Chauhan

Ganga Aarti – was truly a divine experience..Panch Mahabhuta Tatva all in balance ...all together..Had dinner & again post dinner , we went on the banks to sit be with our be with Shiva..& returned to the room with a promise to come in the morning..woke up with a view of Ganga..had yoga sessions..& then ready for the Dip..

Day 2

3. Holy Dip

Taking a dip in sanctified rivers is a traditional practice followed in or culture. It is scientifically proven that Water has memory & still researches are going on for Gangajal..How it is so pure, so fulfilling & peace giving. It’s not just H2O..It is beyond chemical lab equation. An experience itself that we had in the morning while taking a dip…it was Mid May & water was chilled enough to make us refill our 72% of system that is made of nothing but a water..& it did well enough..

Morning at ghat for a dip

Photo of My Rishikesh Tale. Solo place , pleasant memories & innumerable experiences. by Jalpa Rathod Chauhan

4. Local Sight seeing & market visit - part 1

So, post that we had breakfast in ashram..enjoyed a stroll through the premise & started to have local vibes of the place..Laxman jhula ,chotiwala restaurant, Ram jhula ,beatles Ashram, street shopping , Local Garhwali food all made our day magical..Within just two days , we got enough energy we came for..

Jhula Time

Photo of Laxman Jhula, Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by Jalpa Rathod Chauhan

5. Playground for Adventure activities..

Day 3

It was a time for the Recreational activity..An Adventure that one must undertake at least once in a life was’s one of the best thrill to give pulse racing…The white water rafting ...and Rishikesh offers series of such adventures if you long for more thrilling experiences – other than rafting , one can go for bungee jumping , rappelling ,flying fox , hot air ballooning, body surfing, rock climbing, paragliding & parasailing , giant swing , mountain biking, cliff jumping and such ..all to give you an adrenaline rush..

For rafting, there are 5 different range in rafting based on classification of Rapid..One can take the suitable option based on risk taking capacity & experience , from Grade 1 to Grade 5 , do not worry if you are non –swimmer , but yes , take all safety precaution.

Ready ,steady & on the way

Photo of Rafting In Rishikesh, Rishikesh - Chamba - Tehri Road, Muni Ki Reti, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by Jalpa Rathod Chauhan

We had experienced that magical touch of Waves..we were totally there..Alert at all time..Just to realize what our true self holds…Maa Ganga & the soul..perfect company..the water we never thought of that pristine clear & soothing..body surf on the way …in the middle of rafting , we took a break at Maggi point , one can go for cliff jumping here..& that hot plate of maggi..sitting on the rock..Name it "Raftingwali Maggi "..It would certainly taste a way different there & then..

Intermission in the Rafting journey - at Maggi point

Photo of My Rishikesh Tale. Solo place , pleasant memories & innumerable experiences. by Jalpa Rathod Chauhan

6. Local Sight seeing & market visit – 2

Day 4

The next day we kept as a relaxing one but still to get out most of it..early morning we had some great conversations with a couple of other residents of ashram, who came from across the border , one of them was on a year long vacation & another was on a 2 -month work break – just to be at experience the ancient Indian culture & spirituality..

To practice Yoga , pranayama , meditation , to learn satvic indian cooking , to practice Mantra , Satsang & all these to know about the self , to live a slow life , in search of peace as finally world has started to realize that money can not buy you the real things of life ..Healthy Relationships , calmness of the soul , cleansed body , enthusiasm to live & compassion to move on.

So, we were on the right track & at right place..

We started the day with some shopping of Holy scriptures- Ramayan & Bhagwad Gita , incense sticks , Semi precious stone & pearl jewelry , pure cotton clothes ,cotton bedsheets & comfy blankets,sandalwood block, rudraksh, Gangajal and such..kept the stuff back in the room & went for Neelkantheshwar Temple …then we visited the white sand beach / Goa beach of rishikesh ..spent a quiet time..doing nothing but getting everything..

Italy on the platter

Photo of My Rishikesh Tale. Solo place , pleasant memories & innumerable experiences. by Jalpa Rathod Chauhan

Then it was time high time for Some Petpooja & we had the best pizza straight from the Italy & in the foothills of Himalayas.

The place was " A Tavola Con Te " Truly Authentic wood fired pizza & mouth watering was or early evening meal with a full appetite…returned to the ashram. We booked appointment for late evening relaxing massage at ashram, the caring & soft touch , required pressure on muscle issues, adequate strokes ..all these were dreamlike & took us to the heaven..a baby like feeling & baby sleep..

7. A visit to National Park

Day 5

The next early morning, we embarked for the forest Experience..One can go for Jim Corbett and have staycation there..We chose to visit Rajaji National park..All set..we ,our camera, binoculars, food & water & the Safari Hats..A cinematic Journey..

Safari Time

Photo of Rajaji National Park ,Chilla Jungle Safari, Cheela Colony, Uttarakhand, India by Jalpa Rathod Chauhan

Jeep, jungle, being of the forests, the ambience & the sounds of the Nature..The food for the Photographer within one..The food for the nature lover..One can take endless pics of Birds ,animals, viewing tower ,Sun shines, water elements..pebbles..list goes on..

But yes, one understands to respect them , their place & not to disturb even a bit.all we do & they are there for making this planet habitable , livable & to play their part on Darwin’s chain of beings..we said bye & that day we shifted our base to a place called “Rishikesh Valley “

Day 6

8. Riverside Camping & Cottage stay in the Valley

This was last minute entry , but I am glad we had it..This completed our rainbow..all colours of the journey..all varied experience were in our kitty..In evening we went for a leisure walk towards a village , visited a nearby waterfall, met up some villagers..All so welcoming..returned to the place..played some badminton , had a chance to take a note of their little shelf full of some great books..

Day 7
Photo of Rishikesh valley Resort, Tapovan, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by Jalpa Rathod Chauhan

And then we were totally clueless that later in the evening, thousands of guests coming up to meet us up there..under the sky..surrounded by the valley..on the banks..Campsite & cottage side..Those were living lights..The Fireflies.. they instantly turned me into a little girl & darkness into the candle light like ambience..The best naturally romantic setting for us to have the dinner..Fresh pahadi food & that homely felling yet in the heaven…

9. Visit to the Hills

The last leg of our trip was to greet the mountains..There are so many options to choose one/ multiple as per your own call..They are mussoorie,kanatal ,kotdwar ,new tehri, chamba,Rani chouri ,Gumkhal ,Dhanaulti..We went for Dhanoulti—to seek be in dense hug out the mountains..It has soothing weather & we had panoramic view of Himalayan Range.

Photo of Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand, India by Jalpa Rathod Chauhan

It has eco park , potato farms where one can do horse riding , hiking ,visit devi temple , visit apple orchards & feel the real apple..when you bite it , juice will travel to your hand and towards wrist…Either you opt for a day long trip or stay and have experiential journey..

Photo of My Rishikesh Tale. Solo place , pleasant memories & innumerable experiences. by Jalpa Rathod Chauhan
Day 9

While returning to Delhi , we spent some time at Haridwar..Dev Bhomi.. Finally, it was time to return, it was time to leave Rishikesh, to leave the place that offers the perfect combo of modern & ancient era, it was a heavy heart but bid them all adieu..and told Ganga maiyaHamari Naiya bhi par lagva do Maa..with a hope to see her greet her recharge…& to be at Peace again..

I strongly recommend this place for any age group of people , for any kind of trip and interest for exploration & experiential journey – be it Family trip / solo travelling / couple trip / siblings journey / friends outing/bleisure trip…this place won’t let you down…the location certainly will fulfill your dreams,rejunenate yo to be back to your place and revisit.

My Take on this - Carry the minimum required luggage, cotton clothes in summer & layered for the chilling weather , carry a reusable water bottle & some food items in sack like laddus , dry fruits, chikki for that instant energy you ever need , by local fresh fruits whenever you get a chance, have a nice pair of shoes & binocular, respect the culture of the place.

Travel Responsibly. Happy Journey.