Footloose Hostel, Goa

Photo of Footloose Hostel, Goa by Albana Nadeem

It was heavy monsoon rain of Goa, first time in goa, Goan Monsoon and I have started riding a scooter, a newbie who is riding, stopping looking at the Map and then continuing.

Lost my way back, unfortunately, got panicked between a busy route, took a U-Turn and trying to find a beach nearby to relax and voila, on my way back, under that heavy rainfall while I was sweating due to nervousness and suddenly I looked at the board of Footloose Hostel, Ozran Rd. nearby very famous Hilltop, Goa.

I realized one of my known friends is here and I was in dire need of shelter and a smoke. Barged into the hostel, where only 4 people were staying including the staff due to the current Pandemic.

Photo of FootLoose Hostel, Anjuna, Goa, India by Albana Nadeem
Photo of FootLoose Hostel, Anjuna, Goa, India by Albana Nadeem

The evening I arrived at Footloose, I never left then, not on that day, another day or day after another day. I found my jam, sometimes I shifted there for a month, made new friends, rented a flat and official Footloose became homies.

The vibe here is very welcoming, I don't want to rate it because it is not just a hostel for me but as a reviewer I must say it is a small isolated place surrounded by big names in Goa, but isolated, with a three sided sea view and very nearby to Anjuna-Vagator famous bar & clubs, touristy attractions, 3 beautiful goan beaches, and yes the goan cafes.

They have Bunk-beds and the best part is it is limited to 3-4 rooms which makes the stay here exclusive & save you from the chaos of Seasons in Goa. Neat & clean attached washroom with all the basic amenities requires along with a 24x7 hot-water, it is a plus point that you will have 24/7 running water, Wi-Fi and short power-cuts here as these are few things no travel blogger will warn you. I prefer my stay to be inclusive of all the basic necessity for a digital nomad work wise & personal comfort. You can get everything you ask for in this place. Along with a roof-top café & bar and our beloved chef Shama, who cooks chicken biryani as nothing else matters!! :D

About the staff, they have become buddies now, all the friends of friend and then The Friends, yes you will be coming back with lots of new friends and maybe some for a longer time are going to be your fellas, Hemant Da who manages and co-owns the hostel is an Uttrakhandi which is my jam, humble person & pure pahadi from heart, bless you Hemant da, on the other side the caretaker, our very sweet Akhilesh, sweet lad, veryu helping person & very genuine, he makes you feel home with his caring nature & chivalries.

AND Don't forget to meet Plack, Bink & Pickle, house pets you'll figure out who's who haha no worries and for the meantime I wish you health, wealth & freedom to travel again like we used to do.

Be safe )