4 Day Monsoon trip to Varanasi

26th Sep 2019
Day 1

Landed at 12Noon from Bangalore. Our Day one stay was planned at Ramapura Luxa at a place called Granny's Inn. We took ola auto from airport towards our stay, after checkin had our lunch at Dina Chat which was at walking distance from our stay, loved their unique tomato chat, we also had samosa chat, aalo tikki chat, palak chat which was the best of Dina's Chat post which we headed towards Dashwedh Ghat which was again walking distance, spent couple of hours at the Ghat and headed for Ganga Aarti ceremony at old Dashwedh Ghat which became the highlight of the day.. actually highlight of the entire trip.

Arrival  - By air from Bangalore

Stay -
Granny's In - I would rate this place 5/5
Amazing experience, it was literally a home away from home, comfortable house with cozy vibes, spacious rooms, sweet Granny and most importantly at a very accessible location which is very difficult to get in Varanasi. Most of the stays in Varanasi are located at places where vehicle can't go and you need to walk after a certain place

Lunch - Dina Chat, It was 5 mins walk from Granny's Inn. loved their tomato and palak chat
Dinner : Sree Cafe vegetarian - Must visit
Also if you are in Varanasi, u can't afford to miss Paan from "Kuber Paan bhandar" - this was the best paan I had in my life

Activities -  Street walk followed by Ganga Aarti at old Dashwedh Ghat, due to rains the Ghat was immersed in water hence Aarti use to happen at the terrace of Shiva temple situated on ghat, we got lucky to have a chance to do small ceremony of Ganga pooja along with the priests before start of the full fledged Ganga aarti and this totally made our day, we felt blessed

One of the best place to have food if ur pure veg.

If ur in Varanasi.. missing this is no less than sin. They have multiple variations, i loved Navratan pan

Very nice cozy homestay. Asha Granny is really sweet and caring. Felt like home

I loved tamatar chat here, this place was very close to our stay in Granny's Inn

Day 2

Had plans to visit Assi Ghat for morning Aarti but It was pouring hence had to cancel the morning plan as roads were completely filled with water, by afternoon rain got slower and we headed to Sarnath. Nice place with clam vibes. Be aware of the self proclaimed guides who call themselves students and claim to show you all the places, this is Fraud.

On our way back to Sarnath, we stopped for lunch here. Was a real good experience with tasty food

This was our stay on Day 2, actually this is a hostel but they have few rooms they called delux. Not at all recommended for families and couples. Dirty place

One of the best memories of Varanasi, DO NOT MISS THIS. They have bhang lassi as well, my husband tried and he was high whole evening 😜

Day 3

It was raining so couldn't spend much time, subah Banaras which is the main attraction didn't happen..Shradh rituals were going on all over the street.

Although we are not temple person but going here ended up being a blissful experience. Just visit

Can be visited if u have time

For us this was just a tick mark in our itinerary

Didn't seem like a touristic place we were the only people there, loved the overall vibes

Very beautiful architecture, calm vibes, nice place

Day 4

Royal experience, serene place
but very expensive

Trusted shop for authentic Banarasi stuff. Cost is on the higher side but value for money