The pilgrimage hub of india: Benaras

25th Nov 2012

I visited Benaras during the best months of winter which was November. My journey was by train that spanned for 2 days which was tiresome but the atmosphere was wonderful!

The train halted at every big station collecting as many passengers as possible since it was the usual way of the passengers who's tickets were not even confirmed yet they used to huddle themselves into our compartments. It was a funny sight how the chaiwala used to make his way to our compartment to serve his 'mast masala chai' in a "purva"! Oh! when the train crossed the huge banks of the seamless Ganges I was petrified. The extensive river of purity and nirvana was one of the milestones of my journey- a gem of Benaras where people lovingly called her "Ganga Maiya". Well when I reached Beneras there was no issue of accomodation since I was to stay with my Granny who already had prepared a tight schedule for our travels that was to commence next morning since we were there for only 5 days. Right from Sankat Mochan to Kailash Vishwanath, our visiting of the dieties accomplished within 2 days. Then we visited the famous museum near Sarnath that had the finest historical collections of ancient Indian artifacts. I also explored the sunflower fields of my Granny which had completely bloomed and cheered a great deal of onlookers. Home-made food was delicious, bur never missed my chance with the samosas! The tastiest samosas you'll ever find anywhere! My stay was shortlived since I had to hurry to Mumbai for my college. But it was altogether a wonderful trip in winter!