Just In: It's Snowing Now, and You Can Plan a Trip to Sandak Phu This April


Summer vacations are just around the corner, and people in Kolkata are already thinking of their annual mountain escapade to Darjeeling! Well well, why not! Afterall, who wouldn't enjoy soaking in the mellow sunshine while sipping on a cup of hot chocolate at Keventer's while gazing at the glittery peaks of Kanchenjunga.

And now, it's snowing in Sandakphu - which means travellers are in for an added treat!

Photo of Just In: It's Snowing Now, and You Can Plan a Trip to Sandak Phu This April by Riyanka Roy

It seems that the late snowfall in Sandakphu is generating a lot of interest among travellers. This is an unusual occurrence since the area usually receives snowfall between December and February, and not in April. The region has experienced its fifth snowfall, which is considered "rare," and the first snowfall was witnessed in February.

Weather forecasters predict that there will be snowfall in the upper reaches of Darjeeling and Sikkim until Tuesday. It is noteworthy that the roads have been cleared up to Chaturbari on Sunday, which indicates that it may be possible to travel to the area.

According to G.N. Raha, the head of the Gangtok centre of the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the late snowfall in Sandakphu is a result of a combination of factors. One of these factors contributing to the snowfall is a strong moisture incursion from the Bay of Bengal. Weather forecasters had predicted this weather pattern about a week ago, which allowed locals and visitors to prepare for the conditions.

The maximum temperature in Darjeeling on Saturday - Sunday was 10°C and the minimum was 7°C. So if you're planning a trip, you'll surely feel the bliss!

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