Two Best Friends at the Age of 81 Are Travelling the World in 80 Days! Epic Travel Love Story

Photo of Two Best Friends at the Age of 81 Are Travelling the World in 80 Days! Epic Travel Love Story by Tanisha Mundra

Travelling around the world is an experience we all aspire to do, however, most of us get held up in our daily life, work, finances etc, to pursue it. However, let me introduce you to these two ladies who have made this dream a reality at the age of 81 and have embarked on an 80-day journey to travel around the world and create unforgettable memories.

Meet Eleanor Hamby- a documentary photographer and Sandra Hazelip - a physician and lecturer, who are best friends from Texas-USA and are proving to the world that age is just a number!

The grandmothers started their ambitious adventure to travel the world on January 11, 2023, according to their blog and Instagram the two have used to document their travels.

The first stop in there journey was the continent of Antarctica. “For almost two days, we were a rocking and rolling and a slipping and sliding through the Drake Passage and we were holding on for dear life,” Hamby said in an interview with CNN. “It was just wild.”

“But when we stepped foot on the ground on the Antarctic, you forgot all of that,” she recalled. “The beauty of the Antarctic is just unbelievable to see the penguins and the icebergs and the glaciers – just, this was amazing.”

The pair have now visited 18 countries across all seven continents, often clad in matching T-shirts.

How did the pair meet?

Hazelip's husband before dying in 1999, had wanted to take their grandsons on mission trips in the summer which led her to the Zambia Medical Mission, a project run by Hamby and her husband in Southern Africa.

The two bonded over their shared interest in travel and commitment to prioritizing unique experiences over comfort and amenities while abroad. Both became closer as widows after Hamby’s husband died in 2005.

How did the idea of travelling around the world start?

As per Hazelip, the idea for their trip originated four years before they were going to turn 80 as they previously travelled internationally. She had one day, ‘Ellie, wouldn’t it be fun to go around the world in 80 days at age 80?'.

The original plan was to start travelling the world when they were 80 years old, however, COVID had stopped it. They did not get demotivated and at 81, this year, the theme was- ‘At 81 and still on the run.’

How was the journey all together?

On the 80 days journey, the pair have seen the penguins of Antarctica, rode camels in Egypt, met elephants in Bali, danced in Nepal, enjoyed the Indian Culture and observed the Northern Lights in Finland.

Despite the challenges present in International travel, the best friends finished their trip without any arguments.

While allowing space for each other and respecting each other's feelings, the highlight of their trip was the people they met along the way.

Sharing a crucial piece of advice for all travellers worried about the language barrier, they said that there is one language and that's a smile which can work wonders and brings down the barriers. They also encourage older travellers to not let age hold them back as it didn't affect their itinerary abroad.

On their website, Hamby and Hazelip dedicated the trip to their late husbands, Kelly and Don. “We miss you and wish you were joining our adventure,” they write.

While the duo have finished their quest they are already planning for their next trip as per reports!

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