Pushkar – From the eyes of an explorer

15th Dec 2015

For me it’s very important rather key to have photos clicked for all places that I explore. That helps me connect better with the place and its atmosphere.

On this trip just like that, I decided not to click any photos and just feel the place, soak into the ambience and the surroundings. I often feel that in process to capture the event, one miss the charm to live the moment. The reel takes one away from the Real. So I decided to give reel a miss for the Real. This is my maiden attempt to discover Pushkar from the eyes of an explorer rather than his photos. 

I visited Pushkar while I took my father to Butati for the paralysis treatment. Drive from Butati to Pushkar was close to 100 kms and awesome. The two places are interconnected via National Highway No. 89 (Ajmer-Bikaner).There wasn't much traffic on the route and believe me you can fly low rather than drive fast on this highway. It’s under construction on few of the spots but a delight to drive.

Reaching Pushkar on a bright sunny December morning, the visuals were soothing. On a winter morning, the place was gearing up to attend to the day travellers, I preferred to reach as early as I could to touch base on the originality of the place before it turns into mullahs to attract the travellers. Driving through the lanes was easy and finding a parking lot at the desired place was easy.

I parked my car next to the Rajasthan tourism resort. This helps you walk across the lanes with ease. The 1st stop was at a kachori-wala that was warming up for the long day. It was such a delight to have a warm fresh Pyaz-Kachori and a warm cup of tea (instead of my routine target Coffee) in the sun soaked bazaar. There was so much of calm and peace there at that time - the time stopped. I would die hundred lives to live those moments again and again. Blessed I could feel myself was.

Heading towards the famous Pushkar lake - Ghaats I could feel the pulse of the place with a mix bread of multi-cultural people whisking through the lanes of the city not bothered what would come next moment. There were groups of looked like Germans or may Russians cherishing the morning tea rather a Kulhar wali chai with Cigar that's how crazy it may go. So many shops not selling the routine chuna-kathha Pan but a variety of foreign cigarettes and tobacco boxes.

Time and again the sun rays hitting through the narrow passages between the billboards on the top of shops would attract your attentions towards those crazy looking rooftop lounges or shall I say the local kitchens with name borrowed from Hard Rock to Sunburn and what not. Crazy. I was so much into that all not bothered to click but feel and submerge.

Then there were famous and absolutely a Sin to miss the sweet shops next to the famous Gau-Ghat where sugar syrup was sooked into every millimeter square of each of those delicious Maal-Pua and Kalakand. Oh they were so yummie. Each one of those sweets.

There are so many of those Ghats as you feel like lost why each of them named differently. There is even a VIP ghat where the Lal-batti breed offer prayers. Even god’s place has reservations. Of all, the most soothing is to feed the pigeons and enjoy the tranquillity.  

Interestingly there were shops and shop owners from across the India to figure out. Right from Kashmir to the Southern part, from North east to the local Rajasthani and gujratis. That place is picking up pace for sure and business is booming.

There are many shops offer a large variety of silver ornaments quite popular they looked. Most of the firangs are hooked up to them. Then there are firangz typo clothes shops which would make you feel as if you were in hippie land.

The most interesting part I noticed was the way the locals n globals mix up there. You would feel as if they were staying together for ages and not some short lived stays. The 2 genres mix up so well be at the streets or the cafes. A perfect mix of east and west.

The Brahma temple is the most noticeable milestone of the city. That’s what gave Pushkar its identity. A must visit place at Pushkar as it’s the only one in the world.

Another one not to miss on the shopping list will be rose products sold across the city. Fine quality scent sticks and gulkand would be on the top of the list.

The place around Pushkar is a delight to drive around and stay. There would be scenic sand dunes and famous Pushkar valley that connect it with the twin city Ajmer. What a place to drive, feels like a rally setup for those who love driving.