A trip to Amsterdam- Part 2


Well, the Amsterdam airport is called the Schiphol airport,and has an underground train station. So you SHOULD NOT take a taxi at all if you have to reach some other city from Schiphol(pronounces SHI-FALL). Mind it, the taxis here are quite lavish and charge huge money, so it is always and always better to look for alternative means than to go for taxi. Even in the worst of the cases, avoid a taxi , and prefer walking/tram/bike.


With as less as 3 € for 3 hours, and 10 euros for 24 hours, you can easily rent a bike(our bicycle) and simply roam around the city. Of course there are hell number of bikes and people are less in number(http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=amsterdam).

Though I did not take one; for I am good at walking; and the city can pretty well be covered if you are good at it too.

Another important thing that needs to be kept in mind is the plug you are gonna use in Europe. Either have a multi-usage plug or don’t forget to carry one which has just two rods, for all the plug points in Netherlands have this kind of configuration.

The city of museums as it is called, Amsterdam is full of museums to visit around. The famous Anne Frank museum bears the life story of Anne Frank. The Van Gogh museum bears paintings done by the famous painter portraying the life in those times in Europe. Of course the queue is gonna be long because Amsterdam is one of the most visited tourist spots in Europe; and you might have to stand in the queue for more than an hour or so. And of course it might start raining any time, so it is always advised to either carry an umbrella or a thin-plastic raincoat; whichever you feel light and comfortable in carrying. But then, since it might as well go windy, and there are canals everywhere so do take care that your umbrella does not fly away and land in the canal.


Sandeman’s tour(http://www.newamsterdamtours.com/daily-tours/new-amsterdam.html) is one of the most famous tour, because it’s free. You can book online, or you can simply assemble there. You would get a ticket, but make sure that you are alert in such a tour; for it is considered the responsibility of the visitor to be smart. Since the tour is free, the organisers just divide the whole crowd into manageable groups and provide each with a guide to roam around. There might be a headcount, but it is just for dividing the crowd. So, it is your responsibility to listen to your guide with open ears and to be on Dutch-time(strict timing) with him. You are neither expected to be lost, nor late. So be smart. The tour also covers the infamous Red-light area of Amsterdam, and would not cover any museum(since most of the major museums are paid).

The following are covered in the free tour :

The Old Church

The Red Light District

The Jewish Quarter

Royal Palace

The Jordaan District

The Anne Frank House

The Begijnhof Convent

Masterpieces of Dutch Art

The Widest Bridge and Narrowest House

The Dutch East India Company

The tour starts in front of the National Monument at Dam Square at 10:00 11:15 and 14:15.

You can register but you anyhow get a ticket upon reaching the DAM square. Mind it, start a little early from your hostel/hotel, for if you don’t know the way to DAM square, you might simply miss the team leaving for that slot.

rest in Part 3….

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