Visit the Largest River Island in the World, Majuli Assam, Before it Disappears Entirely

9th Sep 2016

The Guinness Book of World Records may have identified Majuli, Assam as the largest river island in the world, but the irony lies in the theory that it may disappear completely in as little as 20 years from now.

Mother nature has its way of playing hide and seek with the homo sapiens, and with Majuli it certainly seems to have gone a notch ahead. The river island is extremely easy to access with it being located 2 hours away from Jorhat, Assam’s business hub. Ferries connect Majuli’s Kamalabari Ghat to Jorhat’s Nimati Ghat in good frequency.

The local inhabitants of Majuli are Mishing, Assamese, and Deori, that live harmoniously in the 23 villages on the island. The people are extremely helpful and the overall atmosphere is very peaceful. The natives are used to living with tourists from all over every year. Their lifestyle includes praying and singing the praises of the river Brahmaputra, which they believe to be the river of sorrow as well as of hope.

Soil erosion is the primary concern of the people here. According to reports, over 35 villages have been washed away in the last 20 years; and the status quo will continue.

Things to do in the largest river island in the world, Majuli, Assam

1. Cycling

2. Exploring the markets

3. Trying out local cuisines

4. Drinking apong (local rice beer)

5. Bird watching

6. Pottery

7. Mask making

The island area is about 880 sq. kms. and is inhabited by around 1.68 lakh people. The soil is fertile and rice is the main cultivation there. It is easy to go there and have the time of your life. It’s highly recommended that you plan a trip to Majuli Assam in the near future itself as you never know what plans nature has in store for the beautiful island.

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