Living with a Thai family in Bangkok


I was half-asleep when I heard the soothing sound of wind chimes and birds chirping. I was really tired because of my overnight journey to Bangkok. I reached the homestay early in the morning and all I remembered was taking the keys from my host and crashing. I woke up in this beautiful wooden house. Fahsai homestay is a 150-year-old traditional wooden house, in which I got one of the four wooden row houses built out in the backyard.

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I got ready quickly and went out; my host, Nitaya, greeted me with a "sawasdee kaa" (hello in Thai). She was very sweet and helpful, and she spoke English too. She had a very unique taste, everything around was simple and handmade. The abundant plants, Thai handicrafts, and gentle wind chimes made me want to stay inside forever.

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According to me, staying with locals gives you much more insight about the place than regular hotels. My host's husband gave me a tour of the house, in which he showed me all the antiques they had preserved from the past generations. Priceless. He told me how their great-grandfathers migrated there from China, their family history and why they loved Bangkok. He was proud of his coffee estates in South Thailand; they had a DIY coffee corner, and the beans came directly from his plantations. I tasted coffee flower tea for the first time and made roasted and ground black coffee from the raw coffee beans!

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The family served an authentic scrumptious breakfast every morning and we spent a little time discussing what I should see for the day, where should I go and how to reach there using public transport. I'd spend my evenings telling them stories about the day, what I ate and the new Thai words I learnt and asking if I used them the right way.

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It's good to be at a home away from home.

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